Escalators and Elevators

Escalator Etiquette

  • Be the wisest person and stand to the left

When getting on an escalator, the rule on anything would be to succumb to the left. Standing on the left means anybody who's confused about the notion of an escalator, and thinks that it stairs which you can walk up, can walk to the right to overtake. This serves a practical function, if you think about it. Anywhere on the planet that you go, you will not have to browse in order to earn your way to the top quickly. Just stick to your left the right if you're rushing, and also if you're coasting. Occasionally people break this rule and stand in the direct middle of the escalator. If you are in an escalator, remember that just because you're on the left does not mean that people are able to get through if you have plonked down a big luggage. Keep them to the best of your ability, and in case you are carrying that it may be better to not go up the right people at all also, to the left.

  • Do not stand in front of the escalator

If you need everyone to judge you, one more thing that you could do will be to stand idly before exit or the escalator entrance. Additionally, it has the additional advantage of causing a pile up, although this isn't just annoying.

Do not let your children go down and up the escalator for a ride. Not only is it perfectly unsafe, but nobody wants to get up just to be faced with an oncoming horde of 8 year olds.

Elevator Etiquette

It can be a strange example of societal conformity whenever getting into an elevator, as we have already seen. As our rule,'running a social experiment to make people feel uncomfortable' is a big no-no in elevator etiquette generally.

  • Do not pollute the air

You are likely to be in an enclosed space for up to a minute using a group of people you've never met before so...for the love of sam, maintain flatulence to a minimal. Nobody wants that. If you've obtained any distress coming along, possibly consider waiting for the lift. Or take the staircase. Perhaps, some exercises will help out with your digestion even better and faster.

  • Do not push all the buttons

When you get in, do not push on all of the buttons. Imagine a scenario where you think that it is funny to press all 30 buttons on your way to the floor, and you are the only person at the elevator. Your lift will stop at each floor.

  • Do not play goalie when people are trying to leave the lift

If people are attempting to exit the elevator (when you have broken the rules here so much, they'll be wanting to get off sooner rather than later) stand to the side as far as possible to let them out. Nobody likes the sensation of being packed in like sardines, so treat others as you'd love to be treated.

  • Testing the elevator cable is never funny

Finally, some people think that it's a right old lark to test the cable power of an elevator out. First, the possible results are that it will nothing and your passengers upset. You are actually much more likely to activate a safety system (still improbable ) than you are to do anything into the cable, which will simply lock the emergency brakes and snare you in the lift for a length of time.