Elevators can last for many years if they are maintained well and minor repairs are handled on time. The regular upkeep and maintenance can ensure they function optimally, and it increases their lifespan too. But ultimately, there will be a time when mechanical equipment lives its expected lifespan or deteriorates due to regular wear and tear.

This is when the cost of keeping the equipment functional outweighs the benefits of regular use. We at Innovative Lift Consulting can audit and assess the condition of your elevator and offer expert advice on which upgrades it needs. 

Signs That Your Elevator Needs Modernising

  • Outdated components- The main reason to upgrade your elevator is when any innovations in the market start to create a prohibitive space for older component and spares. Over time, obsolete parts and technology stop being made. Sometimes, they go from regular line assemblies to niche spare makers. The scarcity of replacement components and consistently higher cost (because of fewer overall bulk in the orders), as well as the lack of any new models entering the market requiring those parts drives prices upward. 
  • The Installation Is Past The 20-Year Mark- Depending on the elevator model, the repairs and maintenance of these systems would also need technicians with knowledge of these older mechanisms. This particular degrading effect will not impact all elevator models. However, it can be a crucial point to consider in the case of some.
  • Frequent repairs- Older elevators need more frequent repairs. While these installations are robust, they do need some upkeep ultimately. Over time, you will find that the amount of downtime your lift experiences and the repairs it needs continues to increase gradually. The combination of downtime and the repair costs will ultimately reach a point where it becomes far more feasible to get a new elevator rather than deal with these issues and incur constant expenditure. 
  • Maintaining Safety Standards- Most establishments and business settings strive to make the workplace safer. They do everything possible to ensure that the installations and features are safe and in line with the latest code. An older elevator, considered perfectly safe at the point of purchase, can quickly be deemed non-compliant due to the advancement in safety technology. 

In this situation, you have the choice to either purchase a compliant model or modernise the lift to fit the latest specifications. The latter becomes a more cost-effective option in the case of newer models. But in the case of older elevators, you would need to consider replacing the feature. Most consultants and other experts will tell you that the right time to consider replacing an elevator is when it reaches the 20-25-year mark. But this isn't a hard and fast timeframe, and some elevators may continue to function well even way past the 30-year mark, while others start to underperform. At this time, it's essential to consult an elevator consultant and get their expert opinion on what your best option would be.

A modern elevator will not just be smoother and faster, but will ensure safe, level and quick transportation, especially in high-rises, and will look better too. 
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