elevator service

In the past few years, the technology is getting advanced day by day and it is very effective to make the lives much comfortable for the people. Today, the elevators are used very commonly in multi-storey residential and commercial buildings around the world. The elevator manufacturers are using innovative technologies to develop new elevator control systems. With these new control systems, they allow the passengers to reach the destination floor more easily and with more comfort. However, there is always a challenge for the manufacturers to create the right control system for the physically disabled people who use the lift car.

To assure the easy usability and accessibility of the modern lifts by the disabled passengers, destination-based elevator control systems are available at the present time. Nowadays, accessibility features are quite common in the modern Elevator services around the world. These systems are installed with a purpose to make the use of lifts much comfortable and easy for the physically challenged and disabled passengers.

Use of the destination based elevator control system:

Today, several elevator manufacturers are focusing on the advanced control system in the elevator where the lift will use destination-based dispatching technology. Basically, the controls of the elevator will know about the right destination of the person before the person entering into the elevator.When the car of lift will arrive, the passenger will directly enter into it and the lift will take the passenger to the right destination floor without any kind of actions or use of the buttons by the passenger.

To make it possible, to advanced input devices are used that will interface with the passenger. First of the devices will be a mechanical keypad as well as the speaker that will give the voice output. The second device will be a big touchscreen that will be used by the passengers who are on the wheelchair or who have very low vision. In this system, the software is optimised according to the requirement of the passenger as well as the design of the building.

  • When the passenger will press the accessibility function button in the lift on the keypad, there will be audible signals ask for the destination floor.
  • After that, the passenger will enter the destination floor on the keypad and the voice system will announce that the specific car is assigned for the floor and it will arrive in left or right direction.
  • When the passenger will enter into the lift car after the arrival of the car, the door will close after 30 seconds of entering of the passenger into it.
  • After that, the car will take the passenger to the destination floor without any kind of requirement of the controls inside the lift.

It is very beneficial and easy to use functionality where the physically disabled people will be able to use the Elevators without any kind of inconvenience and use of the controls inside the lift car. It is being installed in most of the modern Elevator design at the present time around the world.