A lift consultant is an expert hired usually by a building developer, facility owner/manager, general contractor, or architect, to work on their behalf for the setup and maintenance of the elevators in their facility or building.  

An elevator consultant has expertise in various areas of lift projects, including the design, construction, as well as modernisation and maintenance of all types of vertical transportation equipment.  There are many reasons to hire professionals like the ones at Innovative Lift Consultants, such as: 

  • Overall Maintenance Goals- A lift consultant is hired for the maintenance evaluation on elevators. These tasks include a complete diagnosis of the lift, its condition, whether the maintenance has been done regularly and the unit’s life expectancy. The experts will also help with assessing and planning of future capital that might be needed to ensure optimal performance of the unit. 
  • Drawing Maintenance Contracts- A lift consultant can create detailed maintenance plans and contracts for your facility or building. The professional will evaluate your building occupancy and type, any existing or future needs, and the age of the equipment. They will work with you to negotiate maintenance providers of your choice to ensure you establish the best partnership. 
  • Modernisation Projects and Upgrades- If your elevator is nearing the end of its expected service life, you would need to bring it up to code, optimal performance and modern-day design. These upgrades can include things like a complete aesthetics and mechanical upgrade package, a cab interior upgrade and more. The lift consultant will coordinate the bids from maintenance contractors and evaluate ones that are the most responsive, so you have some comparison points to make a more well-informed decision.
  • Construction Projects- Lift consultants also have a role to play in construction projects. They will evaluate the number of elevators a building might need, put together the scope for the project, provide unique building designs, evaluate the contractor’s performance during or post-installation and offer equipment testing services. These comprehensive solutions help ensure the equipment is in the best condition at all times.

How an Elevator Consultant Can Help You Save Money

Aside from all the reasons mentioned above, a lift consultant can also help you save money in several ways, such as:

  • Reduced Service Costs- The lift consultant will leverage their relationships with the elevator companies, to negotiate better terms and rates, helping you cut costs by at least 50%.
  • Improved Lift Reliability and Lift Safety- Lift consultants conduct service audits to identify which components need fixing and they use their influence to ensure the company replaces faulty/ worn parts at their cost, in line with the service contract.
  • Helping Prevent client dissatisfaction- A faulty/old lift generates a significant number of phone calls and extensive and exhausting email trails. If an elevator needs upgrading, fixing, or replacing, the lift consultant will take the burden off you. They will communicate directly with the building/strata committee, organising tenders based on what needs to be done and also supervising the work.

Timely assessment, maintenance and repairs of elevators are crucial to increasing your property value. For any more information about standard elevator etiquette and any of our services, feel free to contact Innovative Lift Consulting at 0417 784 245 or Contact Us through this form. One of our team members will get back to you as soon as possible.