smart elevators

As more people move into larger cities, building upwards is often the only feasible option. This also means there is more demand for elevators. The best way to accommodate increasing traffic is through technology, and this is where intelligent elevators come in.

We at Innovative Lift Consultants have helped many customers with all the information they need about these elevators, and our team has conducted feasibility studies to ensure our clients get the best solutions. Here are some useful information about these elevators:

Facts about Intelligent Elevators 

  1. Intelligent elevators are new, energy-efficient, speedy, hi-tech systems that are a great way to ensure employees or guests don’t have to wait endlessly in lobby areas, stop at each floor or get into crowded cars.
  2. These new systems are an exciting addition to the elevator industry. They are designed to transform a straightforward and everyday act of travelling between floors.
  3. The concept of destination dispatch was pioneered by Schindler way back in the 1990s. They floated the idea that elevators equipped with an advanced microprocessor would begin communicating with each other, instead of working independently. That’s exactly what modern-day intelligent elevators do.
  4. Instead of eight people going to eight different floors on that same lift, with six stops and starts, intelligent elevators are smart enough to calculate which the optimum routes are. They group people as per to their destinations which enables fewer lifts to move a larger number of people.
  5. When any passenger requests a specific floor on a touch screen/keypad, the system uses a particular algorithm to instantly assign them a car that will take the person to their floor as fast as possible.
  6. Manufacturers of intelligent elevators say that these installations are easier, faster, and much more energy-efficient than traditional elevators.
  7. People that live and work in big cities end up taking many elevators. At some times of day, such as 9 am, lunchtime or 6 pm., when there are a large number of people walking in and out of the building, it can feel like you end up spending a large portion of your life just waiting for the LED number on the elevator's digital screen to change.
  8. The interesting thing about intelligent elevators is that they do not have any up/down buttons. Instead, they have a square column in the lobby. This column has keypad stands. You need to enter your floor number, and the keypad will direct you to a specific elevator.
  9. These elevators are practically noiseless as they speed to their floors. They are called intelligent elevators because of their ability to move people across levels more efficiently.
  10. Since the elevator stops at fewer floors, they can return quicker and pick up people at shorter intervals.
  11. Because intelligent elevators make much fewer stops, they also use less energy. Most building owners prefer them because it means fewer large crowds are forming in the lobby areas waiting for the next elevator car.
  12. These elevators can calculate the weight of passengers in them, which helps to prevent an excessive number of people from getting on.
  13. If a disabled individual is boarding, they will slow down too.
  14. Smart elevators are practical in buildings of 10 stories and more.

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