elevator etiquette

By definition, elevators are enclosed spaces where various random people mingle. These amenities are an essential mode of transport for those who struggle to climb multiple stories of stairs, especially in settings like hospitals. If you work or live in a high rise, you would need to use the elevator regularly.

But with the coronavirus pandemic creating havoc around us, social distancing has become the norm. So, how can you use elevators safely in these conditions? The experts at Innovative Lift Consultants have put together some information that can be helpful.  

Some Tips to Follow

While most people currently face restrictions on movement around the cities as well as buildings in them, some premises need to stay operational, even during crises. As mentioned earlier, hospitals and other healthcare facilities are obvious examples of this. Supplies and individuals have to be able to move conveniently between and within floors at all times.

Also, residential buildings, public transport hubs, offices, and shops need to be ready to offer services at different times of the day. Elevators often become the most efficient way for people in these structures to get where to the places they need to be at certain times.  But, in these times, it’s crucial to maintain some basic elevator etiquette so that everyone is safe. Here are some useful pointers to follow:

  • Avoid Touching the Buttons Directly

To avoid microbes from spreading in elevators with push buttons, you shouldn't touch them with your bare fingers. Instead, use a gloved finger or the end of a pencil or some other similar object to push the button. If there is no option but to use your bare hands, wash them as soon as you get off the elevator or at least use an alcohol-based hand-sanitiser.

  • Avoid Crowded Elevators

In case the elevator is already very full, don’t get onto it. Just wait for the next one patiently. If possible, consider taking the stairs. Depending on the elevator size, it's best to travel alone or with only a couple of people in it. COVID-19 is transmitted via respiratory droplets, and the chances of it spreading are higher in enclosed spaces like elevators.

  • Practice Social Distancing At All Times

When in an elevator with other individuals, stand at least a metre away from all your fellow passengers. It's also essential to refrain from talking in case the elevator is crowded. If you have to sneeze/cough, use your sleeve or even a handkerchief as that will help prevent the spread of droplets.

  • Regular Cleaning of All Elevator Surfaces

It's always a good and required practice to get regular cleaning done of all surfaces outside and within the elevator. Encourage your facility's housekeeping staff or manager to ramp up their cleaning standards so that elevator car walls, elevator buttons, touch-screen panels, handrails, doors and all other surfaces, are cleaned regularly with the appropriate disinfectants and solutions.

Following these basic etiquettes while using elevators is a crucial aspect of staying safe and healthy during the coronavirus pandemic. 

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