Lift Maintenance

As a conscientious lift owner or building manager, you are responsible for ensuring that your lift is safe to operate. In light of this, it's essential to do routine lift servicing. The kind, frequency of use, and the number of floors affect how frequently lifts should be examined or repaired.

A lift will require routine servicing, statutory or otherwise required lift inspections, and a programme of scheduled preventative maintenance throughout its lifetime. At Innovative Lift Consulting, we understand how important it is that your lift always function flawlessly. Our team has provided some details about lift servicing, including what it entails and its significance.

What Is The Lift Service Schedule To Follow?

If the installation is carrying passengers, a lift service/maintenance visit should be planned at least every six months; if the lift is solely used for goods, it should be arranged once every twelve months. Low-use passenger-carrying lifts may only need two services annually to be secure and comply with the law.

In contrast, high-frequency usage installations in bigger, busier locations can require more frequent maintenance to avoid expensive breakdowns and potential service outages.

Lifts are susceptible to wear and tear since they have mechanical components. Additionally, safety systems need a frequent inspections, and electronic systems might need reprogramming. To attain peak performance and reduce the danger of downtime, it may occasionally be prudent and required to do additional preventative maintenance.

What Is Lift Servicing?

Lift service is when an engineer performs a scheduled preventative maintenance programme per your wishes; doing so helps avoid expensive breakdowns through routine inspections and the replacement of worn parts to maintain your lift's peak performance.

Most independent lift companies have the skills necessary to maintain and repair all lift kinds, makes, and models. When routine maintenance is conducted on the lift you have in use at work, there are various components of standard lift servicing contracts that need attention.

The greasing and lubrication of all the moving elements that support the efficient and smooth operation of the machinery must be taken care of. Regular lubrication and oiling will keep your lift in perfect working order for years to come, helping your workplace execute tasks and jobs precisely as you desire. It will also eliminate any accidents or damage.

What Type Of Inspections Are Involved?

Regular inspections involve thorough examinations of the lift car's interior and exterior and inspections of the machine room/control panel, the lift shaft and the pit. Depending on the service interval, a trustworthy provider's routine service visit might involve some of the following inspections:

  • Main drive system parts
  • Shaft structure
  • Overload detection devices
  • Landing & lift car doors and the interlocking systems
  • Suspension chains and ropes
  • Electrical devices (include earth bonding, earthing, safety devices, and a selection of fuses and more)
  • Braking systems (includes overspeed devices and buffers)
  • Communication and alarms equipment
  • Lubrication and seamless functioning
  • Signs, locks & keys
  • Emergency communication and backup system

This is not an exhaustive list and traction systems and hydraulic installations may need additional system tests.

What Does A Lift Service Visit Involve?

An engineer will inspect the lift's safety features and clean, lubricate, and tune every component for optimum operation during a service visit. An engineer on his laptop would then complete a service screen, outlining the work completed and any comments made, such as proposed repairs or improvement works not included in the contract.

Risk Assessments Are Part Of Lift Service Visits

Risk analyses on the lift are another crucial step in the maintenance procedure, which is done to ensure no one utilising it is in danger. It is obvious why it is essential to ensure this is done correctly. Lifts are still extensive equipment even though they are usually relatively safe and have many safety measures to ensure no one gets hurt while using them. However, you can't take risks or chances by ignoring regular lift service.

The danger of someone getting injured will reduce thanks to these risk evaluations. You will also receive an on-site report as a result of having this done, which you can use as documentation that your elevator has had all necessary maintenance performed. Some maintenance services also come with dilapidation reports, and many settings need to maintain these records.

Reliable Lift Maintenance Service

Lift maintenance and service are crucial aspects of ensuring your lifts are in good working condition always and safe to use. These tasks require special knowledge, the latest tools and experience, which is what we at Innovative Lift Consulting offer, along with affordable solutions.

For information about our lift maintenance service, please call us at 0417 784 245 or send us your service request via this Online Form, and we will contact you soon to schedule it. We handle the service and maintenance of all brands of lifts to industry standards.