Elevators are man-made devices; so no matter how sophisticated they are, they can stall or develop problems. While most people understand stalled elevators are only temporary, passengers tend to panic instinctively and fear being trapped in a small space for extended periods of time. At Innovative Lift Consulting, we can help you set up a responsive, efficient communication system in elevators so passengers can easily reach someone during emergencies.


What Happens To Your Lift Emergency Phone Once The NBN Is Connected?


NBN stands for National Broadband Network. It is a landline phone and internet with modern communication protocols and better performance. This system will affect everything from fire alarm panels to lift emergency phones. This system relies on electrical power so if there’s a power outage, the emergency phones can’t be relied upon to deliver service. The line might become disconnected without power and passengers will have to rely on alternative means of communication.Once the NBN is connected, your emergency communication services need to be registered in order for the system to work seamlessly.


Will Your Existing Phone Still Work?


NBN temporarily defers disconnection so your existing lines won’t be disconnected quickly. However, existing phones rely on power from the copper lines to operateand these lines will be depowered eventually. Your existing system will also stop working after some time, which is why it’s important to make alternative arrangements quickly. Register with NBN Fire and Lift to make sure you have ample support during the transition period.


Can You Cancel Your Current Fixed Line Connection?


If you have an alternative means of communication already installed, you can cancel your fixed line connection. It isn’ta good idea to disable the current connection without installing an alternative option to help lift passengers. Our team can help with this process and ensure your lift always has an open line of communication.

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What Is The Best Reliable Alternative, And How Can You Be Sure You Do Not Pay Too Much?


There are many reliable alternatives to regular fixed lines or NBN based lines but a mobile phone attached to the elevator is the best option. These devices don’t require electricity or constant connection from copper lines. Mobile networks are advancedenough to work efficiently in elevators. A reliable contractor can provide an effective but affordable solution to ensure your lift has emergency communication connectivity. Hiring experienced professionals with a good service track record is the best way to avoid scams or excessive spending.


Innovative recommends a dual sim mobile phone that is reliable, secureand ensures passengers don’t have to deal with uncertainties involving communications while being trapped in an elevator. That can help people who are panicking, claustrophobic, or have no other way of asking for assistance. We can help with the transition process and can customize your conversion at an affordable cost to ensure you have a flexible communication solution tailored to your requirements.


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