All over the world, many buildings have devices installed so that people can easily move from one floor of the building to the other and they can include elevators and escalators. This kind of transportation from one part of a building to another or from one floor to the other is common in all major cities in the world.

These lifting devices have been installed during different times and decades throughout the years. This implies that the quality and condition of the technology may deteriorate and several upgrades might be required. The greatest challenge many people face is determining the actual improvements and upgrades that must be made to a lift so that they are cost effective and at the same time boost the efficiency and reliability of a lift.

The time to perform the upgrades is also a great challenge experienced when modernizing lifts because most of them operate 24/7. The only way to keep lifts functional and safe is to have good ways to effectively upgrade them to make certain that they are in good working condition despite their heavy use. Read through this piece for some insight on the 7 lift moderization ideas meant to boost the safety and overall functionality of a lift. And before we look at the 7 lift moderization ideas, let’s look at the importance of lift modernization.

Why Should Lifts Undergo Modernization?

Lifts are important modes of transportation inside buildings. We would obviously not want to be driving around in outdated cars because we are well aware of how hazardous and inconvenient it can be, a case similar to lifts used in buildings. One reason for lift modernization is to upgrade the lift technology to the latest technology the market has to offer. Most of the lifts in buildings were probably installed in the 60s or 70s and the technology is not outdated hence modernization is crucial.

Lift modernization is also necessary because it helps improve the functionality and safety of a lift. An outdated lift will probably have some faulty components which could compromise its safety. Moreover, an old lift could be slow and consuming a lot of power hence an upgrade would help improve its functionality and efficiency.

7 Lift Moderization Ideas

1. Install a CCTV system and intercom

When trapped inside a lift, passengers can simply press the alarm bell for aid. However, experience shows that that isn’t the best option to consider. Installing an intercom system ensures that trapped passengers can communicate with the management or staff members who can act swiftly to get the people in the lift out of danger.

Installing a CCTV system with an emergency alarm and camera would also be another reasonable upgrade to a lift. This monitoring system can be connected to the security office and it can be easy to monitor all video captured in the lift. Lifts that were installed before the late 90s will obviously not have an intercom and CCTV system so it would be an excellent modernization move.

2. Installing an Unintended Lift Movement Protection Device

Unintended movement of the lift car when the doors are still open and passengers are still exiting or entering the lift could be dangerous and could result in an accident. To avoid this unintended movement, a lift owner should perform a braking system upgrade with a built-in self-monitoring and redundancy features, like a rope gripper.

This gadget will protect the lift from unintended movement away from its normal landing position hence increasing passenger safety. Lifts that were installed before 2005 will probably not have this technological advancement and so lift owners should consider it in their modernization plans.

3. Installing a Double Brake System

Old lifts that were installed in the 19th century will probably have a single braking system and hence the failure of parts could cause the lift to stop abruptly and ineffectively. The installation of a redundant braking system enhances the safety of the car lift because the main brake parts are two just in case one part fails the other set will ensure the lift continues to operate smoothly. Most modern double braking systems will have two independent systems that are electrically monitored.

4. Installing a Lift Car Door Safety Edge and Mechanical Lock

The importance of installing a lift car mechanical lock in outdated lift doors is to prevent a passenger inside the lift from forcibly opening the lift doors which could be dangerous to the passengers in the lift. The door safety edge is also important because it helps automatically trigger the re-opening of the lift door should passengers get struck by the door when they are exiting.

5. Installing an Ascending Lift Over speed Protection Gadget

Installing an ascending lift over-speed protection system will protect an ascending lift from accidentally over speeding. This can help mitigate the risk of an ascending lift from accidentally ramming into the top support frame of the lift well hence protecting the passengers from injuries that could result from an accident. The protection system will detect and stop any over speed movement of the ascending lift.

6. The Addition of Automatic Rescue Devices

In the event of a power failure, the chances are that passengers will be trapped in the lift car. When an automatic rescue device is installed, it can help maintain the lift in momentary operation for safe exiting of the passengers and prevent them from getting trapped. When the normal power supply fails, the automatic rescue device will detect the voltage dip and use the backup battery power to move the lift to the closest landing floor to release the passengers. The lift then remains out of service until there is normal supply.

7. Adding an Obstruction Switch To Protect The Lift Suspension Ropes

Prolonged use of a lift can result in wear and tear of the suspension ropes and consequently result in rope breakages. Adding an obstruction switch helps prevent excessive wear and tear of the sheaves and suspension ropes during breakdown which could occur when the movement of the lift or its counterweight is obstructed while the motor is operating.

The above 7 lift moderization ideas will obviously go a long way in ensuring the comfort and safety of your lifts. Modernizing and upgrading lifts is not only important for the business but also the people using the lifts.