Domestic lifts can be used to justify the decision to continue living in multi level buildings by people with mobility issues. The best home lifts also come in handy when it comes to moving bulky items from one level of a home to another.


The lower cost of materials combined with technological advancements have made it easier for home owners to have a lift installed in their home in a cost effective manner. Gone are the days when home elevators were reserved for the wealthy, today’s variety can be installed in all sorts of homes, on irrespective of the budgetary requirements.


If you have been thinking about having a lift installed in your home, but are yet to make the final decision due to inadequate information on the same, you have come to the right place. Read on below to find out everything you need to know about choosing the best home lifts.


Reasons To Get A Lift


Before we look at how to choose the right option from the available variety, let’s start by listing some of the main reasons why you need to have a home lift.




The first and most important benefit of having a lift installed in your home is the added functionality. Lifts can be used to help people who suffer from mobility issues move safely and effortlessly from one level of their home to the next. This plays a huge role in ensuring that such home owners continue living in the home they love, enjoying convenient access to all spaces therein.


These lifts can also be used to make the task of manually moving bulky items from one level of the home to another a breeze. This makes daily chores involving the movement of groceries or decorations much easier.


Improved Home Value


Having a lift installed in your property can create significant gains in its value. Home owners looking to age in place are more than willing to pay a premium for such homes, as they prepare for a future where mobility issues may become a real problem. This makes investing in a home lift quite feasible.


Safety And Security


Did you know that a lift can be used to improve the safety and security of your home? Using a lift to move from one level of a structure to another is much safer for young kids and people suffering from mobility issues.


Limiting access to the lift installed in your home also helps boost security, as unauthorized access to some areas is restricted as well.


Now that you have a clear idea of some of the reasons why you need to have a lift installed in your home, we can look at some tips on finding the best home lifts.


What To Consider When Choosing A Home Lift




Home lifts are divided into different types depending on the drive system used. They include pneumatic, hydraulic and cable drive. Each type has its own distinct energy, space and maintenance requirements. It’s also important to note that some drive systems are associated with a smoother ride, while some are known to be much noisier as a result of the vibrations produced when the lift is in motion.


It is therefore up to you, the home owner, to decide which type matches your preferences in terms of energy consumption, space requirements and ride quality.




Just like everything else in your home, the domestic lift has to blend in with the existing décor and styling. It’s worth noting that the different types of lifts make it possible for home owners to find the right fit, regardless of whether the existing style is vintage or modern.


For instance, pneumatic lifts are considered to have a refined modern look, partly due to the fact that they are the latest design. This means that they can blend in well in a home that incorporates a modern style. These lifts can also be installed in colonial style homes.


To ensure that the new lift blends in well with the existing décor, find out whether the supplier offers customizable options.




Since installing a home lift is required to facilitate easier and safer movement, especially when it comes to people suffering from mobility issues, it’s important that it satisfies the necessary safety standards. You should only consider brands that are known to provide high quality systems.


Furthermore, find out all of the safety features included in the design. Some of the features to look for include safety features designed to prevent the opening of the door while the lift is in motion, back-up power source, cabin speed rating and adjustability and any safety switches among others.


Maintenance Requirements


Placing an out of order sign on your home’s lift can be quite disappointing and downright embarrassing just when you are getting used to the joys of using it. This is why you need to iron out the maintenance requirements way before its installed.


Since some drive systems require more maintenance that others, it’s important that you choose one that fits your appetite. Find out whether the manufacturer provides installation and maintenance services, or if not, ask them to recommend reliable service providers.


Effect On Home Value


Perhaps the most important consideration to keep in mind when it comes to choosing the best home lifts is the effect of the installation on your home’s value. As previously stated this installation should work to improve your property’s value; making sure that you make the right pick, will ensure that you don’t end up with a problematic lift that makes life harder instead.


Before you settle on a preferred option, it’s important for you to shop around, looking at different types of domestic lifts. Don’t forget to compare manufactures as well as they are just as important to the final decision. Finding a reputable ad trustworthy manufacturer that stands behind the quality of their products by providing a quality guarantee and reliable customer support will definitely go a long way in making the entire experience hassle free.