A lift in the home allows for a way to move freely and easily between one or more floors in style and comfort. Any person who is finding it difficult to walk down or up a flight of stairs due to either a disability or poor health can really benefit from the best domestic lifts. Friends and family members can also benefit when carrying bulky items such as a pram or a cot from a ground level to one of the upper levels. Food parcels and any other heavy items are easy to transport down or up with a simple push of one button.


The best domestic lifts which are also known as vertical or residential lifts come in a variety of different style that cater for all types of budgets. These lifts often come with customisation options where you get to choose the colour, the ceiling and the finishing of the cabin wall.


The Requirements For Installing A Domestic Lift


Most of the home elevators will need enough space to accommodate the shaft so that the elevator is able to move either up or down. Even though there are a few models available that are classified as free standing that does away with the requirement for a shaft, finding a suitable space would be a top priority.


The best domestic lifts will also need a pit at the bottom along with added clearance from above. These spaces are required in order to accommodate the different lift mechanisms. It is always better to design the home or a building to accommodate a lift, but in many cases, it is still possible to install a lift in an existing home. The domestic lifts can either be fitted externally of internally dependent on the chosen models. The overall cost will be reflected in the model chosen and whether structural modifications will be needed.


When considering the main purpose for the installation of a residential lift, it is also important to consider the door-opening features and the levels in the home. One of the popular brands includes The Gulliver by ThyssenKrupp which has a 12 metre maximum rise along with 6 stops. This is a vertical hydraulic lift makes use of a simple yet well-proven technology that offers an affordable and reliable low-cost operation and maintenance.


This model has a design that uses up space effectively and the operation is quiet and smoothly transfer passengers from one floor to the next with the control panel that is easy to access. These lifts have an option of 3-opening sides, which means it can match up to your specific needs and your situation.


The Gulliver also comes with impressive power efficiency, where it uses 240V single-phase electricity. The size of the motor will vary from 1.5 to 2.2kW according to the machine specifications and features. In standby mode, the lifts power consumption is only 4 to 5W which makes it one of the best cost-effective options.


Another popular model of the best domestic lifts includes The Access 12. Designed to meet up to the “Green Energy Principles”, developed by the EU with the goals of reducing Carbon Dioxide emissions. The Access 12 is manufactured inside factories that have their own photovoltaic system installed which makes it energy self-sufficient. The contemporary materials and tools used has resulted in an environmentally-friendly and energy-saving small domestic lift that minimizes power consumption and Carbon Dioxide emissions by up to 70%.


The Access vertical lifts make use of a very low electrical-consumption when on standby. They are also contain no toxic materials, they are oil free and use steel that is certified. This model can fit into a small space with a platform dimensions of between 50cm and 140cm. The pit depth minimum is 8cm, although a ramp of 8cm will still easily accommodate wheelchair access from the ground floor which does away with the requirement of a pit. The Access 12 offers up to 3 stops and will return automatically to the ground floor in the case of a power outage.


Both the Access 12 and the Gulliver can accommodate either an internal or external installation without or with a shaft. These vertical lifts offer various platform sizes, along with a selection of ceiling lights, walls and doors to match up or enhance the décor in your home. Additional options on offer to customise these lifts include the door style, automatic or manual, the handle types, control displays, an intercom, landing and even a remote-control.


5 Tips To Consider About Domestic Elevators


1. Manufacturer Reputation


The best domestic elevators should offer you many years of service with the right maintenance. Make sure you have chosen a manufacturer with a reliable reputation that has many years of experience in the industry.


2. Dealer Expertise


The installation of a domestic elevator is for professionals only. Experienced, qualified and licensed technicians will make sure the elevator matches up to all the local and national codes which is essential for a smooth and safe operation.


3. Try Them Out


The drive-system of the elevator you have chosen will contribute to the smoothness and noise of the rides. The smoothest and quietest rides will come from hydraulic or gearless drives. However, there are benefits and drawbacks on each style, which is why you should visit the different showrooms where you can try these elevators out for yourself.


4. Customisation Options


Some manufacturers are flexible and will offer a number of different cab styles and finish options. Adding an option such as a glass-sliding door offers a touch of elegance and style.


5. Specifications


Before you make a decision on the exact home lift that you want, a professional elevator contractor should come out to your home to assist you in reviewing your needs when it comes to hoist-way and travel distance requirements. These are factors that will ultimately narrow down your choices. If you are in the process of building a home, make sure your elevator is included in the plans from the start which will offer you with more flexibility on your choices. If you would like to install an elevator into your existing home, you will need expert advice to review how the installation will be done.