If climbing stairs has become difficult for you or someone who lives in your home, a home lift may be an excellent solution.  Home lifts have become a popular choice for those who live in a multi-level home.  They not only make climbing stairs easier but also add a luxurious feel to your home.
If someone in your home has a disability that makes climbing stairs difficult or impossible a home lift is a great solution.  There are many types of lifts that are designed to fit wheelchairs easily.
Home lifts are a much safer way of getting around for some people.  They are also safer for family members or help who have to carry their family members up and down stairs.
Home lifts also offer homes a sense of luxury.  In larger homes, a lift may be used to help its owners get from the bottom floor to the top floor in an easier fashion.
A home lift is usually equipped with a very compact elevator car.  It most likely has only room for 2 to 6 guests.  This is usually because unlike traditional lifts, it uses a gear and counterweight system that negates the necessity for a machine room.  Although, some home lifts do use a room to house the machines.
Since home lifts are so much smaller than traditional lifts, they are much easier to integrate and install.  They can be designed to fit into very small spaces.  They can be as small as a closet.  They can even be a great way to incorporate your home’s décor.

Home lifts come in all sorts of styles.  There are glass models, stainless steel models, and wood models.  Many of them come equipped with LED lights in the car.  You can even get a home lift custom made to work with your home.  A home lift can feel as luxurious as you want.

A great thing about home lifts is they can be seamlessly incorporated into your construction plans.  Since they do not take up much space, your architect or designer can add them in easily.  Since multi-level construction is much more popular, home lifts can be seen as a necessity in some new construction.  Many consumers also feel that if they plan on staying in their multi-level home for years to come, it is a smart idea to add a lift during the home building process.


Home lifts can easily be retrofitted into your existing home as well.  Sometimes this becomes necessary when someone who lives with you suddenly cannot use the stairs.  By installing a home lift, you are ensuring your home can still be used for years to come.  Here are some tips when considering adding a home elevator to your home.


•    Check your plans

Sometimes when your home was built, contractors included an area where a home lift could be built if necessary.  If this is not the case for your home, try to find an area that would work for your home lift.  Look for a place that is about 25 square feet and maybe bigger if you choose a home lift that needs a machine room.


•    Safety

When choosing a home lift make sure it complies with all the safety standards.  You want to also choose a contractor who is up to date on lift codes and even has a membership in home lift safety organizations.


•    Check with your insurance

A home lift will have insurance ramifications.  You definitely will want to call your agent and discuss the changes that will take place in your home owner’s policy.  Most likely, your liability coverage will need to be increased.  Definitely get an insurance quote before installing your lift so there are no surprises.



Lifts in commercial building are usually quite expensive to install and maintain.  Home lifts, on the other hand, are much more inexpensive. Their maintenance costs are also much less than traditional lifts.
There are several things that affect the price of your home lift.  The model you chose is probably the number one determining factor.  There are more expensive lifts with many more features and are customized to fit into your home décor.  There are also less expensive lifts that are more utilitarian.  You also have to consider how many stops your lift will make.  A lift that only makes one stope is considerably cheaper than a lift that makes several stops.



The cost of a home lift does not stop after it is purchased and installed.  You need to take care of your home lift and fix any repairs or break downs it may have.  You also need to make sure you maintain it.



A home lift must be inspected annually, depending on where you live.  Even if these inspections are not required in your city or town, it is a smart idea to still perform them.  This is because a home lift is a complex machine.  It has a lot of parts that need to be checked and maintained.  Something may have happened to your lift that you are unaware of.  By inspecting it regularly, you are ensuring your lift runs safely and smoothly.  It also helps elongate the life of your home lift.



If your home lift does show an error, make sure to write it down and talk with your lift technician.  They will be able to help you understand what is happening and how to fix it.  If the lift seems to be working properly besides showing the code, you may be able to troubleshoot from home if for example, the power went out and your lift needs to be restarted.  Just remember that your maintenance technician has been expertly trained to deal with all these problems.  Never take your safety lightly.  Always call if you are concerned with something that is happening.



It is important to choose a lift manufacturer and contractor carefully.  You want to make sure the lift you choose comes with some peace of mind.  You want to purchase a lift that complies with all safety measures.   It is also a good idea to choose a lift that comes with a manufacturer guarantee and warranty.



Your contractor or home lift installer is also very important.  It is necessary to hire someone who is very skilled in installing lifts.  You do not want to hire someone for less money, who has not worked a lot with home lifts.  Your family’s safety is at risk, so be sure to get someone who is skilled.  It is a good idea to choose someone who is experienced and who is a member of lift safety organizations.


A home lift can also be an excellent investment into your home.  Home lifts raise the market value of your house immediately.  Many experts say that your house will increase in value more than the cost of the lift.


Realtors agree that by installing a lift, your home become more valuable.  This is especially true for homes that have more than 2 stories.  A lot of the population has a hard time getting upstairs.  By installing a home lift, your home will become more desirable to this portion of the population.


Home lift installation can have many benefits.  A home lift can truly make your life or your loved one’s life easier and more fulfilled.  It also can be used in larger, multi-level houses as a way to get between floors easier and faster.  It raises the value of your home immediately.  Just be sure to choose a home lift and contractor that is both reliable and informed.