The Best Residential Elevators Perth

Residential elevators are a great investment and can add value to a property.


It’s important to look at all of the benefits before investing in one as that’s going to play a role over the long haul. Those hoping to maximise their residential elevators need to appreciate what the finest options offer. The best residential elevators are going to provide a beautiful balance of quality, consistency, and durability necessary to maintain a long-term setup.


Here are some of the advantages of the best residential elevators and why they are a must-have in this day and age.


Safe to Use


Safety is going to be the first thing to pinpoint when it comes to a new elevator. It should be easy to use, fast, and equipped to handle the regular load that’s going to be put on it. A lot of elevators work well in specific scenarios but start to break down as soon as a bit of pressure is put on them. This is not an ideal situation to be in and is not the way to go for those who want a completely safe solution. Start with an option that is going to be completely safe and make sure it has a lot of value to add.


The best options are going to provide tremendous security features so you feel good about what is installed and how it is going to operate in the long-term. Until you feel this way, the quality is not going to work out as intended and that is a must while you pinpoint a great fit. The best elevators will always be able to get these details spot on and are even going to come with specific security certifications illustrating their viability as a residential solution.


Quiet Ride


The ride is going to be smooth and as quiet as you want it to be. In a residential environment, you will not want to be put in a situation where the ride is bumpy and makes a lot of noise. Imagine having to lie down and relax while someone is using the elevator only to hear it making a lot of noise as if a train is going through the property! This is one of the worst things to deal with and you are going to end up in a horrible position as the property owner.


If the investment is going to be made, it is best to think about how quiet the ride is and ensure it is as smooth as possible. When an elevator is smooth, it is not going to generate some of the additional issues that pop up over time. A quality elevator is going to do it all and will be able to operate as if it is slipping into the background. This is the beauty of a quality elevator and all that it can do over the long-term. This type of quiet ride is going to deliver great results and that’s what it comes down to in the end.


Seamless Integration


Integration is a must when it comes to a new elevator and having it set up as soon as possible. Walking around to the elevator and using it means it has to fit into the layout. If not, the elevator is going to be more of a hassle rather than a solution, which is one of the worst situations to be in. Those who are going to be putting their money into one of the best residential elevators on the planet, it’s time to focus on integration as soon as you can.


The elevator is going to run fluently as long as this is kept in mind and that is a solid starting point as a property owner. You will want to see how it is going to settle into the property, where it’s going to be placed, and how it will operate once everything is said and done. Until you are able to pinpoint all of these features and make sure they are in line with your property’s needs, it is best to spend time on your research. By doing this, you will be able to get your hands on a high-quality elevator that will work seamlessly.




Speed is going to be at the top of your list with an elevator as you will want to use something that is manageable throughout the day. No one wants to put money into an elevator that takes up too much room and isn’t going to get from one floor to the other as soon as possible. If there are delays and the response time is mediocre, you are the one who is going to end up hating it! Focus on the speed and determine how quickly it is able to go without putting your safety at risk as an inhabitant.


Small Footprint


The footprint is going to be on your mind because a residential property doesn’t have the same space as a commercial one. This means it is time to break things down and assess where it will be situated and how much space it is going to take at any given point. Until this happens, the footprint is going to be a major issue and that is where a person has to stay focused. Think about the minor details and determine what the elevator will be able to do on a daily basis and if this is in sync with your layout.


These are the main reasons to go ahead and invest in the best residential elevators.


Focus on all of the options available and make sure to go with one that is going to make the property look great. It’s these details that go a long way in a person feeling good about their investment. As long as a good elevator is put in place, the quality is going to stand out and make it well worth the wait over the long haul. Start with these advantages and make sure the investment is worthwhile in the long-term.

The Best Home Lifts In Sydney

Domestic lifts can be used to justify the decision to continue living in multi level buildings by people with mobility issues. The best home lifts also come in handy when it comes to moving bulky items from one level of a home to another.


The lower cost of materials combined with technological advancements have made it easier for home owners to have a lift installed in their home in a cost effective manner. Gone are the days when home elevators were reserved for the wealthy, today’s variety can be installed in all sorts of homes, on irrespective of the budgetary requirements.


If you have been thinking about having a lift installed in your home, but are yet to make the final decision due to inadequate information on the same, you have come to the right place. Read on below to find out everything you need to know about choosing the best home lifts.


Reasons To Get A Lift


Before we look at how to choose the right option from the available variety, let’s start by listing some of the main reasons why you need to have a home lift.




The first and most important benefit of having a lift installed in your home is the added functionality. Lifts can be used to help people who suffer from mobility issues move safely and effortlessly from one level of their home to the next. This plays a huge role in ensuring that such home owners continue living in the home they love, enjoying convenient access to all spaces therein.


These lifts can also be used to make the task of manually moving bulky items from one level of the home to another a breeze. This makes daily chores involving the movement of groceries or decorations much easier.


Improved Home Value


Having a lift installed in your property can create significant gains in its value. Home owners looking to age in place are more than willing to pay a premium for such homes, as they prepare for a future where mobility issues may become a real problem. This makes investing in a home lift quite feasible.


Safety And Security


Did you know that a lift can be used to improve the safety and security of your home? Using a lift to move from one level of a structure to another is much safer for young kids and people suffering from mobility issues.


Limiting access to the lift installed in your home also helps boost security, as unauthorized access to some areas is restricted as well.


Now that you have a clear idea of some of the reasons why you need to have a lift installed in your home, we can look at some tips on finding the best home lifts.


What To Consider When Choosing A Home Lift




Home lifts are divided into different types depending on the drive system used. They include pneumatic, hydraulic and cable drive. Each type has its own distinct energy, space and maintenance requirements. It’s also important to note that some drive systems are associated with a smoother ride, while some are known to be much noisier as a result of the vibrations produced when the lift is in motion.


It is therefore up to you, the home owner, to decide which type matches your preferences in terms of energy consumption, space requirements and ride quality.




Just like everything else in your home, the domestic lift has to blend in with the existing décor and styling. It’s worth noting that the different types of lifts make it possible for home owners to find the right fit, regardless of whether the existing style is vintage or modern.


For instance, pneumatic lifts are considered to have a refined modern look, partly due to the fact that they are the latest design. This means that they can blend in well in a home that incorporates a modern style. These lifts can also be installed in colonial style homes.


To ensure that the new lift blends in well with the existing décor, find out whether the supplier offers customizable options.




Since installing a home lift is required to facilitate easier and safer movement, especially when it comes to people suffering from mobility issues, it’s important that it satisfies the necessary safety standards. You should only consider brands that are known to provide high quality systems.


Furthermore, find out all of the safety features included in the design. Some of the features to look for include safety features designed to prevent the opening of the door while the lift is in motion, back-up power source, cabin speed rating and adjustability and any safety switches among others.


Maintenance Requirements


Placing an out of order sign on your home’s lift can be quite disappointing and downright embarrassing just when you are getting used to the joys of using it. This is why you need to iron out the maintenance requirements way before its installed.


Since some drive systems require more maintenance that others, it’s important that you choose one that fits your appetite. Find out whether the manufacturer provides installation and maintenance services, or if not, ask them to recommend reliable service providers.


Effect On Home Value


Perhaps the most important consideration to keep in mind when it comes to choosing the best home lifts is the effect of the installation on your home’s value. As previously stated this installation should work to improve your property’s value; making sure that you make the right pick, will ensure that you don’t end up with a problematic lift that makes life harder instead.


Before you settle on a preferred option, it’s important for you to shop around, looking at different types of domestic lifts. Don’t forget to compare manufactures as well as they are just as important to the final decision. Finding a reputable ad trustworthy manufacturer that stands behind the quality of their products by providing a quality guarantee and reliable customer support will definitely go a long way in making the entire experience hassle free.

The Best Home Elevators Melbourne

There are a number of reasons why home owners choose the installation of an elevator in their homes. For example, you can increase the value of your home, so it can often be regarded as an investment. You may also want to consider the installation of an elevator in your home for when you get older, and the best home elevators will offer you with an easy way to go up and down the different levels in the home. It also does away with the risks of slips and falls.


The home elevator systems are important to home owners that have mobility restrictions or for those in a wheelchair, yet the functionality and versatility of these elevators are useful for anyone. For example, an elevator in the home can assist in moving bulky items between the different floors. Over and above safety and convenience some home owners are drawn to style elements that the best home elevators are able to introduce into the home. Today the elevators for home use have become more affordable, yet many still view this item as a luxury that adds a simplistic elegance to any type of home.


The Common Elevator Types For Homes


Today there are a number of suppliers that carry a range of pneumatic, hydraulic and cable elevators. The elevator that will match up to your needs will depend on your preferences and the space that you have available. These home elevators come in a number of door types. These include swinging, glass panels or sliding doors. Residential elevators can even offer an outer appearance of a rounded, stylish glass design or a elegant closet door.


What Types Of Elevator Will Fit Your Home The Best


This will all depend on the overall layout of your home and your needs. For homeowners that are limited of space, the pneumatic elevators is typically the better option. Their tubular, sleek structure uses up space in an economical manner, while the glass elevators offer an attractive and appealing addition to your home. For minimal space usage, you may want to consider one of the shaft-less elevators. Hydraulic elevators will require enough space to accommodate a reservoir and hydraulic pump. The elevator also has a larger capacity overall to accommodate passengers when compared to the other types which allows for an entrance and an exit for wheelchairs. Elevators can also appear discreet, with an outer appearance that looks like closet doors.


The cable elevators come with similar capacity and dimensions to the hydraulic elevators, yet they do not need the space for machine rooms.


Are The Best Home Elevators Safe?


When your home elevator was correctly installed as well as maintained, then they are typically very safe. Over the years, the technology in home elevators has greatly improved on the safety features of these elevators.


FAQs For Home Elevators

1. How Much Will A Home Elevator Cost?


For most consumers, this is usually the first question asked, but the answer to this question will depend on a number of variables. The end cost will depend on factors such as the number of floors that the elevator will travel between, the cab configurations, custom finishes and more.


It is always advisable to chat to an expert that will be able to assess your specific situation and then offer you with a recommendation on the best home elevators which will be based on the layout of your home, the budget you have available and any other requirements. Experienced elevator experts can typically offer you with an estimate even over the phone.


2. How Long Will It Take To Manufacture My Home Elevator?


Once your chosen manufacturer has the information that they need for creating a customised home elevator, the manufacturing average time is usually between 6 to 8 weeks. This will ensure that all components meet the safety and construction requirements, along with providing the correct equipment that will accommodate your residence.


3. How Long Will It Take To Install My Home Elevator?


If a hositway has already been installed, and the area has been prepared for accommodating the elevator, installation will usually take anything from 1 to 3 days.


4. How Much Space Do I Need For Installing A Home Elevator?


The smallest of the standard cab sizes will usually require a 52” X 54” hoistway, that will allow for a 36” X 48”cab size.


5. Will I Require A Pit For The Elevator?


You will need a pit and the depth required will need to be at least 12” down from your landing floor. In certain instances, an 8” pit will be permitted.


6. What Type Of Overhead Clearance Will I Need For A Home Elevator?


The overhead clearance that is required will be dependent on the height of the cab. In general, overhead clearance should be 22” greater than cab height. The overhead clearance will be measured from your top floor, to the closest obstruction associated with the elevator shaft.


7. What Is The Best Elevator Drive System?


If you have already started collecting your own research you might have picked up that chain, hydraulic, vacuum drive and winding drum systems are what is used to power an elevator. An overhead winding-drum system is typically a preferred choice for home owners because it does not need its own machine room.


8. Is A Home Elevator Different To A Commercial Elevator?


The largest differences between commercial and residential elevators will be their doors. This has to do with the large sliding metal doors that are used in the commercial buildings. The residential elevators are designed to blend into your r home with standard right or left-hand doors that can easily complement or even match up to the doors you already have in your home. In addition, the interior finishes of the cab are also your choice where you can choose from luxurious wood finishes or melamine colours.


9. What Type Of Decorative Design Options Will I Have To Choose From?


The more affordable choices in a home elevator usually feature melamine panels. You have the choice of various colours or you can choose from raised-panel and hardwood veneer designs. You can also choose from handrails or fixture finishes.

The Best Domestic Lifts In Brisbane

A lift in the home allows for a way to move freely and easily between one or more floors in style and comfort. Any person who is finding it difficult to walk down or up a flight of stairs due to either a disability or poor health can really benefit from the best domestic lifts. Friends and family members can also benefit when carrying bulky items such as a pram or a cot from a ground level to one of the upper levels. Food parcels and any other heavy items are easy to transport down or up with a simple push of one button.


The best domestic lifts which are also known as vertical or residential lifts come in a variety of different style that cater for all types of budgets. These lifts often come with customisation options where you get to choose the colour, the ceiling and the finishing of the cabin wall.


The Requirements For Installing A Domestic Lift


Most of the home elevators will need enough space to accommodate the shaft so that the elevator is able to move either up or down. Even though there are a few models available that are classified as free standing that does away with the requirement for a shaft, finding a suitable space would be a top priority.


The best domestic lifts will also need a pit at the bottom along with added clearance from above. These spaces are required in order to accommodate the different lift mechanisms. It is always better to design the home or a building to accommodate a lift, but in many cases, it is still possible to install a lift in an existing home. The domestic lifts can either be fitted externally of internally dependent on the chosen models. The overall cost will be reflected in the model chosen and whether structural modifications will be needed.


When considering the main purpose for the installation of a residential lift, it is also important to consider the door-opening features and the levels in the home. One of the popular brands includes The Gulliver by ThyssenKrupp which has a 12 metre maximum rise along with 6 stops. This is a vertical hydraulic lift makes use of a simple yet well-proven technology that offers an affordable and reliable low-cost operation and maintenance.


This model has a design that uses up space effectively and the operation is quiet and smoothly transfer passengers from one floor to the next with the control panel that is easy to access. These lifts have an option of 3-opening sides, which means it can match up to your specific needs and your situation.


The Gulliver also comes with impressive power efficiency, where it uses 240V single-phase electricity. The size of the motor will vary from 1.5 to 2.2kW according to the machine specifications and features. In standby mode, the lifts power consumption is only 4 to 5W which makes it one of the best cost-effective options.


Another popular model of the best domestic lifts includes The Access 12. Designed to meet up to the “Green Energy Principles”, developed by the EU with the goals of reducing Carbon Dioxide emissions. The Access 12 is manufactured inside factories that have their own photovoltaic system installed which makes it energy self-sufficient. The contemporary materials and tools used has resulted in an environmentally-friendly and energy-saving small domestic lift that minimizes power consumption and Carbon Dioxide emissions by up to 70%.


The Access vertical lifts make use of a very low electrical-consumption when on standby. They are also contain no toxic materials, they are oil free and use steel that is certified. This model can fit into a small space with a platform dimensions of between 50cm and 140cm. The pit depth minimum is 8cm, although a ramp of 8cm will still easily accommodate wheelchair access from the ground floor which does away with the requirement of a pit. The Access 12 offers up to 3 stops and will return automatically to the ground floor in the case of a power outage.


Both the Access 12 and the Gulliver can accommodate either an internal or external installation without or with a shaft. These vertical lifts offer various platform sizes, along with a selection of ceiling lights, walls and doors to match up or enhance the décor in your home. Additional options on offer to customise these lifts include the door style, automatic or manual, the handle types, control displays, an intercom, landing and even a remote-control.


5 Tips To Consider About Domestic Elevators


1. Manufacturer Reputation


The best domestic elevators should offer you many years of service with the right maintenance. Make sure you have chosen a manufacturer with a reliable reputation that has many years of experience in the industry.


2. Dealer Expertise


The installation of a domestic elevator is for professionals only. Experienced, qualified and licensed technicians will make sure the elevator matches up to all the local and national codes which is essential for a smooth and safe operation.


3. Try Them Out


The drive-system of the elevator you have chosen will contribute to the smoothness and noise of the rides. The smoothest and quietest rides will come from hydraulic or gearless drives. However, there are benefits and drawbacks on each style, which is why you should visit the different showrooms where you can try these elevators out for yourself.


4. Customisation Options


Some manufacturers are flexible and will offer a number of different cab styles and finish options. Adding an option such as a glass-sliding door offers a touch of elegance and style.


5. Specifications


Before you make a decision on the exact home lift that you want, a professional elevator contractor should come out to your home to assist you in reviewing your needs when it comes to hoist-way and travel distance requirements. These are factors that will ultimately narrow down your choices. If you are in the process of building a home, make sure your elevator is included in the plans from the start which will offer you with more flexibility on your choices. If you would like to install an elevator into your existing home, you will need expert advice to review how the installation will be done.

Home Lift Installers

If climbing stairs has become difficult for you or someone who lives in your home, a home lift may be an excellent solution.  Home lifts have become a popular choice for those who live in a multi-level home.  They not only make climbing stairs easier but also add a luxurious feel to your home.
If someone in your home has a disability that makes climbing stairs difficult or impossible a home lift is a great solution.  There are many types of lifts that are designed to fit wheelchairs easily.
Home lifts are a much safer way of getting around for some people.  They are also safer for family members or help who have to carry their family members up and down stairs.
Home lifts also offer homes a sense of luxury.  In larger homes, a lift may be used to help its owners get from the bottom floor to the top floor in an easier fashion.
A home lift is usually equipped with a very compact elevator car.  It most likely has only room for 2 to 6 guests.  This is usually because unlike traditional lifts, it uses a gear and counterweight system that negates the necessity for a machine room.  Although, some home lifts do use a room to house the machines.
Since home lifts are so much smaller than traditional lifts, they are much easier to integrate and install.  They can be designed to fit into very small spaces.  They can be as small as a closet.  They can even be a great way to incorporate your home’s décor.

Home lifts come in all sorts of styles.  There are glass models, stainless steel models, and wood models.  Many of them come equipped with LED lights in the car.  You can even get a home lift custom made to work with your home.  A home lift can feel as luxurious as you want.

A great thing about home lifts is they can be seamlessly incorporated into your construction plans.  Since they do not take up much space, your architect or designer can add them in easily.  Since multi-level construction is much more popular, home lifts can be seen as a necessity in some new construction.  Many consumers also feel that if they plan on staying in their multi-level home for years to come, it is a smart idea to add a lift during the home building process.


Home lifts can easily be retrofitted into your existing home as well.  Sometimes this becomes necessary when someone who lives with you suddenly cannot use the stairs.  By installing a home lift, you are ensuring your home can still be used for years to come.  Here are some tips when considering adding a home elevator to your home.


•    Check your plans

Sometimes when your home was built, contractors included an area where a home lift could be built if necessary.  If this is not the case for your home, try to find an area that would work for your home lift.  Look for a place that is about 25 square feet and maybe bigger if you choose a home lift that needs a machine room.


•    Safety

When choosing a home lift make sure it complies with all the safety standards.  You want to also choose a contractor who is up to date on lift codes and even has a membership in home lift safety organizations.


•    Check with your insurance

A home lift will have insurance ramifications.  You definitely will want to call your agent and discuss the changes that will take place in your home owner’s policy.  Most likely, your liability coverage will need to be increased.  Definitely get an insurance quote before installing your lift so there are no surprises.



Lifts in commercial building are usually quite expensive to install and maintain.  Home lifts, on the other hand, are much more inexpensive. Their maintenance costs are also much less than traditional lifts.
There are several things that affect the price of your home lift.  The model you chose is probably the number one determining factor.  There are more expensive lifts with many more features and are customized to fit into your home décor.  There are also less expensive lifts that are more utilitarian.  You also have to consider how many stops your lift will make.  A lift that only makes one stope is considerably cheaper than a lift that makes several stops.



The cost of a home lift does not stop after it is purchased and installed.  You need to take care of your home lift and fix any repairs or break downs it may have.  You also need to make sure you maintain it.



A home lift must be inspected annually, depending on where you live.  Even if these inspections are not required in your city or town, it is a smart idea to still perform them.  This is because a home lift is a complex machine.  It has a lot of parts that need to be checked and maintained.  Something may have happened to your lift that you are unaware of.  By inspecting it regularly, you are ensuring your lift runs safely and smoothly.  It also helps elongate the life of your home lift.



If your home lift does show an error, make sure to write it down and talk with your lift technician.  They will be able to help you understand what is happening and how to fix it.  If the lift seems to be working properly besides showing the code, you may be able to troubleshoot from home if for example, the power went out and your lift needs to be restarted.  Just remember that your maintenance technician has been expertly trained to deal with all these problems.  Never take your safety lightly.  Always call if you are concerned with something that is happening.



It is important to choose a lift manufacturer and contractor carefully.  You want to make sure the lift you choose comes with some peace of mind.  You want to purchase a lift that complies with all safety measures.   It is also a good idea to choose a lift that comes with a manufacturer guarantee and warranty.



Your contractor or home lift installer is also very important.  It is necessary to hire someone who is very skilled in installing lifts.  You do not want to hire someone for less money, who has not worked a lot with home lifts.  Your family’s safety is at risk, so be sure to get someone who is skilled.  It is a good idea to choose someone who is experienced and who is a member of lift safety organizations.


A home lift can also be an excellent investment into your home.  Home lifts raise the market value of your house immediately.  Many experts say that your house will increase in value more than the cost of the lift.


Realtors agree that by installing a lift, your home become more valuable.  This is especially true for homes that have more than 2 stories.  A lot of the population has a hard time getting upstairs.  By installing a home lift, your home will become more desirable to this portion of the population.


Home lift installation can have many benefits.  A home lift can truly make your life or your loved one’s life easier and more fulfilled.  It also can be used in larger, multi-level houses as a way to get between floors easier and faster.  It raises the value of your home immediately.  Just be sure to choose a home lift and contractor that is both reliable and informed.