What Are Shaftless Elevators?

Shaftless Elevator

Shaftless elevators are generally built for residential settings. They have a compact size, and the design is such that they occupy minimal space in your house. The installation is straightforward and doesn't cause too much disruption. Also, they are an excellent substitute for traditional full-size elevators or stairlifts. 


These elevators are known for their convenience and mobility. They are available in full-size models to accommodate mobility devices like wheelchairs and walkers too. These installations are a cost-effective choice for two-storey homes as the installation is quick and affordable. We at Innovative Lift Consultants provide these installations and offer various models of these systems as well. 


Facts about Shaftless Elevators

Here is some more information that will help you understand a little more about shaftless elevators:

  • Shaftless elevators have simple designs and are perfect for residential properties. Sensors are added to the outer side of the lift, and the control panel has “push and hold” buttons.
  • The elevators have either a winding drum/hydraulic drive for the upward or downward movement of the cab.
  • These elevators have a compact footprint and can be accommodated in even tight spaces. Their creative design means they can be installed in almost any area in your home. 
  • The other plus point is that these features don’t need any additional space (like a machine room) for the equipment.  
  • Their design is such that it allows for partial enclosure. This aspect can be helpful when you want to install them into floors with existing walls. For instance, an elevator fitted into a closet or pantry can be transformed into a semi-hoist. 
  • The installations also have a guide rail system that the cab travels on.
  • Shaftless elevators are available in a range of specifications, styles and designs. But the most popular models are the ones attached directly to the wall, and this helps to support the elevator.


Shaftless Elevators - The Benefits

If you're considering installing one of these elevators on your residential property, here are some benefits to make a note of:

  • As mentioned, the compact size is a significant benefit, so they are suitable even for small spaces.
  • While the cab is small, they are ideal for people using wheelchairs or other mobility devices.
  • Their installation can be easily incorporated in a house with an open floor plan.
  • Since no machine room is required, and because the system has a self-contained hoist, it significantly reduces the costs and installation time.
  • These features are perfect for multi-storey structures. They are ideal for carrying the laundry from a lower level or basement to the upper floors. You can also take dishes and other items down to the kitchen etc. All-in-all, everything becomes much more comfortable.
  • Physically disabled people and the elderly find it a very convenient way to move between different floors in their house safely and quickly.  


Some other types of elevators have similar benefits. However, the compact size, low installation and maintenance costs and ease of upkeep make shaftless elevators a far better option than other types of lifts.  


For any more information about standard elevator etiquette and any of our services, feel free to contact Innovative Lift Consulting at 0417 784 245 or Contact Us through this form. One of our team members will get back to you as soon as possible to discuss your requirements. 

Elevator Etiquette During The Coronavirus Outbreak

elevator etiquette

By definition, elevators are enclosed spaces where various random people mingle. These amenities are an essential mode of transport for those who struggle to climb multiple stories of stairs, especially in settings like hospitals. If you work or live in a high rise, you would need to use the elevator regularly.

But with the coronavirus pandemic creating havoc around us, social distancing has become the norm. So, how can you use elevators safely in these conditions? The experts at Innovative Lift Consultants have put together some information that can be helpful.  


Some Tips to Follow


While most people currently face restrictions on movement around the cities as well as buildings in them, some premises need to stay operational, even during crises. As mentioned earlier, hospitals and other healthcare facilities are obvious examples of this. Supplies and individuals have to be able to move conveniently between and within floors at all times.


Also, residential buildings, public transport hubs, offices, and shops need to be ready to offer services at different times of the day. Elevators often become the most efficient way for people in these structures to get where to the places they need to be at certain times.  But, in these times, it’s crucial to maintain some basic elevator etiquette so that everyone is safe. Here are some useful pointers to follow:


  • Avoid Touching the Buttons Directly

To avoid microbes from spreading in elevators with push buttons, you shouldn't touch them with your bare fingers. Instead, use a gloved finger or the end of a pencil or some other similar object to push the button. If there is no option but to use your bare hands, wash them as soon as you get off the elevator or at least use an alcohol-based hand-sanitiser.


  • Avoid Crowded Elevators

In case the elevator is already very full, don’t get onto it. Just wait for the next one patiently. If possible, consider taking the stairs. Depending on the elevator size, it's best to travel alone or with only a couple of people in it. COVID-19 is transmitted via respiratory droplets, and the chances of it spreading are higher in enclosed spaces like elevators.


  • Practice Social Distancing At All Times

When in an elevator with other individuals, stand at least a metre away from all your fellow passengers. It's also essential to refrain from talking in case the elevator is crowded. If you have to sneeze/cough, use your sleeve or even a handkerchief as that will help prevent the spread of droplets.


  • Regular Cleaning of All Elevator Surfaces

It's always a good and required practice to get regular cleaning done of all surfaces outside and within the elevator. Encourage your facility's housekeeping staff or manager to ramp up their cleaning standards so that elevator car walls, elevator buttons, touch-screen panels, handrails, doors and all other surfaces, are cleaned regularly with the appropriate disinfectants and solutions.


Following these basic etiquettes while using elevators is a crucial aspect of staying safe and healthy during the coronavirus pandemic. 


For any more information about standard elevator etiquette and any of our services, feel free to contact Innovative Lift Consulting at 0417 784 245 or Contact Us through this form. One of our team members will get back to you as soon as possible.



Jammed-Lifts Occurrence: Why You Should ALWAYS Stay Inside

Trapped Inside An Elevator

Trapped in a lift? Stay Calm

Given the fact that more people getting trapped in a lift, it is worthwhile to take into account what to do when you do wind up getting trapped yourself. The initial thing to keep in mind is not to freak out. Elevators are manufactured to be fail-safe, therefore the lift stop is, in fact, a safety standard to keep you remain safe. Do not worry about the elevator or a lift falling as they are generally helped up by a number of steel wires as well as come with several mechanical and electrical safety equipment installed.

Use the emergency lift phone

Operate the emergency lift phone or communications panel to simply call for help. The majority of modern-day elevators will have a phone equipped. You will be requested to state your name, mobile phone number, specific location, and lift number, which you will normally be able to come across on a plate in the lift. A few systems will have a setup that instantly sends that information to the lift call centre. As soon as you have reached them, wait around for a qualified technician to show up, Again, by no means try to force the doors open to leave the lift. Stay calm, try breathing practices or meditation to calm yourself, talk to other people, or stay occupied on your cellphone.

Do not force your way out of a lift

When you get trapped, you may possibly feel enticed to force your way out. Actually, this is one of the most horrible things you can do. When you are attempting to force the doors open and climb down from the lift where the lift is not at ground level, the lift might begin running again. This can be incredibly unsafe, putting you at chances of severe injuries or a whole lot worse. Definitely there have been accidents and fatalities in Australia and other nations for the reason that people have attempted to leave a jammed lift and slipped or been seriously injured. Remain inside the elevator because it is the soundest place to be at that time.

Preventing jammed lifts

With more people residing in high rise apartment structures and older lifts approaching at end of lifecycle phase, jammed-lift occurrences seem to be more likely. Having an effective preventative maintenance approach and identifying when it is time to modernise may help these high rise building prevent the troubles and dangers associated with faulty lifts. Regular maintenance is a must for all lifts. Regular maintenance routines could possibly keep your premise and systems remain safe, in compliance with regulative specifications. Precautionary maintenance for lifts can make sure lifts work dependably. Essentially every maintenance service should include doors, control panels, operational panels, wires, rollers, as well as guide rails, and parts replacements as required.

Regular maintenance at the scheduled period of time also really helps to stay glued to a budget. It is simply because everybody knows that contacted planned elevator maintenance with a much preventative instead of reactive strategy. You should also keep in mind that elevator that is out of service that disturbs regular operations provide a lot of inconvenience to the customers as well.

It is imperative for you to practice regular elevator maintenance, and ILCPL is here to help you in this endeavour, whether we were the ones who originally designed your elevator or not! We offer a complete and comprehensive range of services when it comes to the maintenance of your elevator.  And if you need to upgrade your apartment building lift or implement a more vigilant maintenance plan, we can also handle it for you. We can give you expert advice on the best option for you, so contact us today for a discussion. Book now for more information

The Impacts of Lifts in the Lives of The Citizens

people walking out of lift

The elevator has been around for plenty of years. It consisted of an automated device that served in case of damage of the support wire. Up until then, you can envision, utilizing steam lifts or even forklifts, mishaps occur them as well. The beginning of the modern-day elevator and man innovations has made life much easier for all of us, the people--the citizens. Keep on reading to learn about how lifts have impacted the daily lives of all of us

The Advancements of Lifts

Elevators have come to be much faster without restricting height. Considering the groundbreaking innovation like the modern-day elevator, it can not solely transform the way of life but also transform the appearance of urban centres. The brand new "instrument" resolves all the significant problems.

The Rise of Skyscrapers

As with the advancement of the elevator, customers are able to go up and down more pleasantly and conveniently. It significantly evolved the way of life of people. Additionally, it also played an excellent significant part in the housing reorganization. Furthermore, it brought families much closer. These days, elevators have become one of the things that are commonly found everywhere we go

New Housing Needs

There are four different types of home lifts; roped hydraulic residential elevator; pneumatic vacuum elevator; winding drum and counterweight chain drive system, and Elevator systems that operate on traction drive. Each type presents its own benefits and drawbacks for you to consider. If you are looking to have a lift for your home installed in your place of residence, for whatever reason you may have to do so, you should consider all of your options to ensure that you will be the happiest and most satisfied as possible with whatever decision you should choose to go with.

Depending on what your specific needs are and what you value most especially over the other possible benefits, you will surely be able to make an educated decision on which type of home lift is exactly the perfect fit for your home and the role you expect it to fulfil in your place of residence. Here are some factors or benefits that make home lifts’ popularity rose to fame:

  1. Convenience --  Having to transport large items using the stairs is not fun. It can be tiring, hard, and most of all of the dangerous. A good home lift provides a simple yet effective and convenient answer to transport goods with ease
  2. Family Safety --  Mishaps from the stairs are normal and a fall or stumble can occur to anyone, it doesn't matter what their age is, how to fit or how capable they are. The addition of a home lift provides a secure replacement for the stairs for friends and family. A home lift could be ideal for your pets, as well, considering that home lifts are often ideal for pets who struggle climbing down and up the stairs.
  3. Property Value Increase --  Home lifts will help boost the worth of your premises if you opt to sell. A home lift is an undoubtedly appealing feature that will certainly attract more potential house hunters or potential house buyers. They will be more likely to buy a house that comes with lifts instead of the ones that do not have any

At Innovative Lift Consulting, our scope of expertise extends far beyond Elevator design and construction. As prominent Elevator Consultants, our team of highly proficient engineers will design, competitively tender and project manage the construction and commissioning of an elevator to your exact specifications and requirements. Call us on 0417 784 245 Get in touch with us online to get 5% discount!

Characteristics and Measurement of Hospital Lifts

Hospital Lifts

Accessibility is extremely important and essential in all Medical Centers. For that reason, lifts are there to handle them effectively as well as securely. In this type of location, it is typical to put in lifts and mounts. Healthcare facility lifts are specially built to create a comfy, secure and dependable method of transportation for patients, healthcare equipment as well as the medical workforce. As a result of the specific circumstances, that are present in these type facilities, elevators have particular characteristics that meet all the regulation and fulfil their requirements.

The following are several characteristics of lifts in healthcare facilities

Efficiency and Availability -- The high volume of traffic that takes place in a hospital during the day is very high. For that reason, elevators are used in these buildings to make sure of their accessibility and effectiveness. Movement is very important in any healthcare facility, with many tasks requiring minimum wait times, such as the shift of beds to the operation theatre room, motion of food trolleys, transferring of patients with just minimal mobility. Lifts have to be running smoothly and without interruptions and have clear signage for easy navigation and minimal downtimes.

In this building type, it will be more convenient to divide the traffic of the medical centre staff members from the visitors. Bearing in mind that these facilities generate extremely high traffic at peak times such as meal hours, visiting hours as well as shift changes. For lifts in a medical centre, it is pivotal that the lift choreography guarantees for streamlined traffic. Bearing in mind that in numerous cases they will be utilized to relocate patients with various ailments or illnesses. In this sense, they must not produce sudden movements or be unreliable.

Accessibility -- In medical centre lifts, you must assure complete accessibility for several forms of people. It is essential to take into account that the lift will use to shift patients in beds or wheelchairs. Consequently, it is important that the levelling system is precise so that the entrance and exit of beds are smooth and fast. The doors must make provision for quick and effective operation. It should integrate systems to cater for all people.

Security – High levels of hygiene are extremely important in lifts within the health care industry due to the risk of cross-contamination. Patient and staff safety is imperative. All lifts must adhere to the strict regulations and fire evacuation procedures. Lifts should also be constructed with long-lasting materials and easy to clean and disinfect. Elevators must have remote tracking systems installed to take effective and prompt action in a crisis. It is also essential that they integrate all safety components such as an alarm button, action parachute and acoustic signal when the maximum weight is surpassed.

When you are looking for a lift company to install a lift in a healthcare facility, ILCPL is experts in the elevator industry that you can trust our reliable and knowledgeable in regards to anything you would need for your elevator. We are a privately owned independent consulting practice specializing in Building Vertical Transportation Systems. Get in contact with us here and see which hospitals that we have worked with here . Contact Us Online And Get a 5% Discount!


The Importance of Elevator Maintenance Plan

lift maintenance

An elevator is deemed a huge investment that provides considerable worth to a building. The value you have out of that elevator is specifically pertaining to how good it is serviced for the duration of its helpful life. A good elevator upkeep plan is built to reduce the risk for the owner of the elevator. These issues include accountability issues, economic coverage as well as tenant discontentment. Selecting the right elevator maintenance strategy is vital to keep your tenants completely satisfied and your building running efficiently and successfully. Carry on reading to understand some important things you should be aware of when it comes to elevator maintenance.

Whenever you are assessing your elevator maintenance strategy options, you will most likely have in mind a broad notion of what you require. Nevertheless, because elevators are very complex items of equipment, there are specific things that many people overlook when they are in the research stage. Alas, this frequently leads to an elevator owner locked into an extended contract with an untrustworthy service provider.

Your elevator maintenance, regardless of whether you are in a condo building, office building, business premises, etc to expanding the unit’s life expectancy and to help keep the passenger protected. Frequent maintenance is a terrific part of the account as the supervisor or the owner of the property. Request your assistance from a specialist elevator specialist for frequent elevator maintenance. Prior to doing these things, there are some points to pay attention to:

Performing maintenance is a major section of this plan to make certain your elevator passes the assessment to be in compliance with the regulations issued by the state and federal. Once a successful inspection had been done, you will be given a certification of operation, which can be listed inside the elevator itself.

  • The elevator must be in a working order

It is not merely the elevators themselves that require to be in proper working order, the machine rooms need to be, as well. The element of maintenance means making certain that nobody without authorization can have any access, meaning that the elevator machine room should be locking and self-closing properly. The features of the room are not being used for storage and require sufficient lighting.

  • Elevator Units should be checked for any typical issue

Maintenance duties should expose any difficulties with the following: elevator pit is in contact with debris or water, broken top light, malfunctioned fire recall service, improper cable measurements, and missing door restrictor

  • Regular maintenance is highly recommended

Regular upkeep at the scheduled period of time also really helps to stay glued to a budget. It is simply because everybody knows that contacted planned elevator maintenance with a much preventative instead of reactive strategy. You should also keep in mind that elevator that is out of service that disturbs regular operations provide a lot of  inconvenience to the customers as well

  • Get to know your elevator better

Understanding where you will run into the most trouble in terms of repair that will help ready to fix them and anticipate them. For example, about 70 per cent of elevator maintenance is due to the malfunctioning unit doors. You might want to know the solution for this ahead of time.

It is imperative for you to practice regular elevator maintenance, and ILCPL is here to help you in this endeavour, whether we were the ones who originally designed your elevator or not! We offer a complete and comprehensive range of services when it comes to the maintenance of your elevator. Book now for more information

Various Types of Lifts Installed in The Building

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Lifts are created to make our movement easier and it is a genuine advantage of technologies.  These types of machines are completely useful, but it is ideal to keep in mind that they are all not made equal. There is a range of various types, and to appeal to various needs, there are numerous lifts being innovated and established. The following are the most favoured forms of lifts:


Passenger Lifts

It is precisely what it sounds like, which is a machine that carries people vertically in an entirely confined lift car. These are really practical machines that most people make use of on a daily basis throughout their day-to-day activity.  These are the most popular type of lift utilised in the structures. Structures which have more than five floors usually have these forms of lifts. Normally, passengers lifts are available in all sizes based on the carriage masses. The lifts can carry up to ten to twenty-five people. Flats and apartments, lifts in retail complex and other high rise structures apply this kind.


Residential Lifts

These are different sorts of lifts utilised in the residences commonly. Non-commercial Lifts are really small kind of lifts compared to the standard lifts. They are utilised within residences which may consist of people of three and limit to five. They normally are set up close to the stairs alongside its shape. Certain residential lifts available to foyers. These types of lifts can be set up outside the house as well


Double-Purpose Lifts

These are elevators that is used frequently in a shopping centre, medical facilities, apartments and businesses. This is a sort of lifts which is designed for both people as well as for freight function. They are fashioned with maximal ability to carry individuals. They are rather bigger in comparison to other kinds of lifts. They are designed with essential safety with sleek floor surfaces as well as grips to hold on tight to plus airflow. This sort is even utilised for the residential function.


Cargo Lifts

These lifts are useful for the function of transferring and lifting goods and cargos. These types of are lifts that have greater volumes to carry loads. They are normally found in eateries, shops,  businesses, apartments etc.to carry hefty loads.


Service Lifts

These are lifts utilised for service function in structures. These are normally employed by the personnel and staffs in the company as well as used to relocate supplies in the building. You may have recognised this sort of lifts in apartments to shift goods or perhaps in retailers to carry the goods supplies by employees etc. Therefore this particular lift can carry maximal weight. This is utilised regularly like the passenger Lifts.


Double-deck Lifts

This is an unusual kind of lifts found in buildings. Actually, these lifts are designed for high rise buildings. They are manufactured in accordance with the height. The forte of this elevator is that the cars, in fact, open in numerous levels. One would open at even floors whilst the other would at odd floors. Therefore, people have to be careful to use it when they try to get in


All types of most commonly known lifts above are regularly used in the building for lots of applications such as carrying passengers, goods and service function.  When you are looking for a lift company  ILCPL are experts in the elevator industry that you can completely find to be reliable and knowledgeable in regards to anything you would need for your elevator. Get in contact us here and see what we have worked on here . Contact Us Online And Get a 5% Discount!

Elevator Upgrades: When They Should Be Done


One of the many things that are created to last long is elevators. Moreover, on a solely functioning degree, they will not require upgrading – simply frequent upkeep as well as maintenance for many years. However, there may come a time period in the operations of every mechanical equipment where the price of trying to keep it running will over-shadow the functional features of continuous usage. Therefore, when is the best point in time to modernise your elevator? Carry on reading to find out the telling signs that it is time for you to have your elevator modernised.

Signs that it is time to modernise your elevator

SIGN #1: Outdated elevator components and many repairs

Outdated technology and components will stop being manufactured over time, or move from standard range installation towards specialised component manufacturers. The general scarceness of substitution parts being manufactured, the fairly more expensive because of lower total volume in orders), and the absence of newer models penetrating the market with all those components will undoubtedly push costs upward. Beyond the twenty-year mark, this can also require (dependent on model) service employees with an understanding of outmoded programs, or perhaps hardware specialised to deal with aged systems. This debasing impact will not impact every model, but it can be a projection point to take into account for many

In addition to this, the more outdated an object becomes, the more often you will want to do the repair. Although elevators are exceptionally solid, they certainly will require upkeep. Over time the regularity of fixing, and the total of downtime that your elevator will encounter, will slowly enhance.


SIGN #2: Legal aspects

Nowadays, people are continuously trying to make the work environment much safer and to accomplish everything we can do to make sure all of us have quality of life. As a result of this, the regulative systems are normally adjusted, and elevators are simply no difference to this rule. An older elevator, regarded as completely safe at its purchase, can be considered not any longer certified as a result of the development of safety technology, which is at a point you possess a selection: revise the elevator to match the newer requirements or making another purchase compliant design. For more recent models, the previous choice is more cost-efficient


SIGN #3: Time’s arrow

The ideal time to get an elevator replacement, considering past their cost efficiency, as well as developments in the industry is around twenty or twenty-five-year mark. This is not a difficult line; certain elevators can resist the pressure of time beyond the thirty-year mark, and some start to underperform their detailed standards before it. Nevertheless, it is around this time that you are recommended to take a long look at the cost efficiency, as well as see whether your machine is operating or if you are in need of assistance to have your elevator modernised

Modern elevators are quicker and sleeker, making sure fast and quality transportation, particularly over extended upright distances. Additionally, they will also look much better, and guarantee the complete safety of the passenger's trips. Alongside this additional safety also comes extra reliability; the microprocessor has a lower potential for failing than older, clunky forerunners,


ILCPL are experts in the elevator industry that you can completely find to be reliable and knowledgeable in regards to every aspect of anything you would need to be done for your elevator, which includes your elevator modernisation. Technology is always evolving, and ILCPL is dedicated to going along with it, and helping you to do the same. Get in contact with us here and see what we have worked on here

Things to Do When Trapped Inside a Lift


The idea of getting trapped in a lift is one that may have crossed each of our minds. In reality, you have more likelihood  to get struck by lightning than getting stuck inside a lift. Nevertheless, if you do happen to get caught in a lift one  day don’t worry, the following is a guide that hopefully can help you get around the situation.

What should you do if you are trapped inside a lift?

  • Remain calm

Lifts are tailored to be fail secure. In the event the systems identify an anomaly which may be one of the lots and lots of elements or certainly one of its operating systems not acting as it absolutely was built to, instead of continuing to perform the lift will minimise. Consequently, even though  you are stuck in a lift, at least, it is the least hazardous place for you if an issue is found.

  • Make use of the emergency lift phone to call for help

The majority of modern day lifts are fitted with a crisis lift phone which is suited to a button on the car functioning panel (panel along with of the buttons upon it). It seems something such as this: press the button and demonstrably convey your situation. You can be asked for the following items of information such as your name, your cellular phone number, the address of where you’re located and the lift number you are in. You can find the address of the building and lift number on a plate on or near the button panel. Usually, newer lifts will have an automated system to share with the lift call centre these details. Hold back until a skilled technician arrives to assist.

  • Do not get out of the lift

Never try to make the doors open by force and alight from the lift as it might not be at the floor level and can start to use again when you are wanting to alight. When you’re focused on the elevator falling, don’t be. It is a frequently believed myth that elevators are held up by only a single rope. The truth is elevators are held by several steel cables, every one of which are as much as the task of maintaining support for the full elevator car. Hence no matter what you do, don’t leave the lift, staying within the car is the best place you could stay in

  • Try to meditate

It is vital that you stay calm should you come to be stuck in an elevator. There is simply no better method to locate inner peace than to meditate. Tense circumstances creates agitation, which can result in anxiousness and stress. Practicing meditation is a powerful way to counter this as studies have shown it permits you to modify your thoughts to keep calm.

  • Take a nap

In case meditating isn’t your thing, you can attempt to take a nap. Nap time can improve awareness, which is helpful if you are in a tense circumstances. Emotional advantages of napping offer a sense of improvement.

  • Enhance your social skills

In case you happen to be stuck in an elevator along with other people this could possibly be the perfect possibility to work with your social skills.. Once it comes down to presenting something fascinating in common to start out a discussion, getting stuck in an elevator is a quite good one.

  • Finish your deadlines

Replying emails, paying out your bills, writing a listing of odd jobs to be done over the home, submitting your tax returns, removing awkward pictures from your Facebook profile. When you want to get the maximum out of your time while caught in an elevator, you may as well do these activities


Why Elevator Design Matters


Elevators deliver beneficial visual and functional features to a house and business properties. With a few baby boomers deciding to be home more rather than relocating to a retirement village as well as the option of space-efficient layouts, elevators may become in-demand features for structures and houses of various sizes.

Selecting the most appropriate design can raise the appearance of your property, greatly enhance ease of access, and perchance even improve the worth of your property.

The necessity of elevator design

Your elevator may be the initial thing guests notice if they get to your building, therefore it makes it possible for you to set just the right initial impression whilst making a great impact on style statement at a glimpse. The elevator design of your choice will be in-sync with the improvements and influence of your building decorations

More than the aesthetics, elevator design could  possibly serve practicality purposes like efficiency, security, and utility. Beautiful elevator designs can offer height flexibility and enable you to transfer between levels with convenience. A contemporary elevator can also be a lot more space-efficient than thought, specially when in comparison to stairway lifts. Security, like restricting accessibility, is yet another functional benefit of modern elevators.

Modern trends for elevator designs

Elevator design makes a difference given that it instantly influences how your property appears to be and how efficient your elevator is. Contemporary elevator design trends cover both practical and ornamental components.

  • Privacy – Modern elevators can integrate privacy and are able to be invisible behind a door that is locked.  This might be particularly practical for domestic and medium-rise business  properties for which you might request to limit access to other levels.
  • Keypads and scanners – Modern elevators have security features such as limiting accessibility with finger-print scanners, some other bio-metric security devices, or keypad entry. For authorised users, this will probably improve ease of access since you don’t require a key or pass to utilise the lift.
  • Security gates – You can choose for security entrance or doors as a supplementary barrier against unauthorised access. In an investment property, these security doors can also be employed to prevent younger members of the household and thus lower the chance of injury through improper usage.
  • Lights and music – the newest elevators offer automated lighting and music systems that may be put up to switch on when sensors identify users in the lift. Illumination can set the style tone for your elevator whilst accomplishing an important practical purpose: guaranteeing visibility.
  • Personalised technology – the newest elevator designs offer customisation technology services like vacuum and suction power (rather than rails and cables), as well as safety features. All these vacuum-powered elevators could possibly be more energy saving, space efficient, and simpler to set up and continue maintaining.
  • Destination control– frequently found in high rise buildings destination control offers an even more effective option to distribute people. Multi-elevators are installed to have categories of people going to the same level into the exact same lift, which decreases waiting and travel times.
  • LED Screens – The utilisation of LED screens in lifts is starting to become ever more popular. These may be installed and utilised for community announcements, advertisements or even amusement.

Consult all your elevator requirements  with professionals like Innovative Lift Consulting whose scope of expertise extends far beyond Elevator design and construction. As lift consultants, we provide all manner of professional services, including; Feasibility, Design and Documentation, Construction Services, Reports and Audits, Maintenance, Legal, Insurance and Sub-Consulting.