Maintaining Home Elevators

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Today, many homeowners in Australia look for added comfort and convenience and choose to get home elevators installed. There are many advantages to having these features installed. They are a boon for people with mobility issues and a great way for them to reclaim their independence. Lifts also add the style quotient to a home, adding to its luxury aspect, increasing the property’s resale value.

It becomes far easier for aging family members as well as pets to navigate various areas of the property effortlessly. Home elevators are a safer option than stairs as slips and falls are a common occurrence with the elderly. If you have already gotten one installed, you must focus on lift maintenance to ensure it functions well for a longer period.

Elevator Safety Rules Matter

If you want your home lift to be fully functional, you must follow all safety rules. Maintain an updated log of all required repairs or recurring issues. Hire professionals that repair lifts for homes to address these problems. Some safety tips to keep in view include:

  • Do not overload the elevator beyond its recommended weight limit
  • Make sure that all contents are placed at least a couple of inches away from the cab walls and gate.
  • Never keep the landing doors open, except when you are getting out of or into the elevator.
  • If there is a malfunction in the landing door’s locking system or the car gate, do not operate the lift.
  • Never remove, bypass, or tamper with the system’s safety measures and locks.
  • If you find that the ride is unusual, or you hear strange noises, do not use the elevator. Call in professionals to inspect the system and conduct necessary repairs.

How to Prolong the Lifespan of Your Home Elevator

People have come to realise that lifts are not just for commercial settings and high-rise residential apartment buildings and shopping centres. Residential elevators are in high demand but it’s crucial that you maintain these features well, just as you would any other installation on your property.

All the lift’s components need to be top working condition to ensure it is safe for use. Regular maintenance also helps prevent expensive, unrequired repairs down the track. Here we look at some steps to follow that will help increase your home elevator’s lifespan:

  • One of the best ways to ensure that your residential elevator stays in the best condition is to get it regular maintenance done. Scheduled maintenance helps ensure that you have a faster and smoother ride and that the system functions perfectly.
  • When professionals come in for these regular checks and maintenance, they check the condition of all the components and can fix potential issues before they actually surface.
  • If you detect or doubt there is a malfunction in the system, do not delay in calling in and skilled and licensed technicians for repairs.
  • Conduct some basic DIY inspections, as this will help you tackle problems sooner than later when they become more costly to fix.

Areas That Need Inspection and Are Prone To Malfunction

Without proper scheduled maintenance, you could find yourself dealing with various residential elevator problems and the system would need frequent repairs. However, it’s also important to be aware of areas that are more prone to malfunction and need regular inspection, such as:

  • Elevator entry doors might need repairs/adjusting if you are unable to open or close them entirely.
  • The door keeps bumping into the doorjamb or sticks in the receiver.
  • Hoistway issues are more complex and must be fixed by professionals before you use the elevator.

When You Should Hire a Professional for Lift Maintenance

As mentioned earlier, always get regular lift maintenance done; it’s the best way to avoid problems from cropping up every now and then. You might be able to fix minor issues like adjusting the entry doors so they shut properly. However, hire professionals to fix issues with the hoistway, electrical systems or sensors. They have the knowledge, training and tools needed to handle these jobs safely and to industry standards.

Always hire certified and experienced technicians for all your lift maintenance needs. During the inspections and maintenance visits, they will check the electrical wiring, machine room, entry doors, handrails, ceiling, lights and emergency phone. This detailed check helps to ensure that your home elevator is safe for use and in top working condition at all time,

5 Things You Need To Know Before Renewing Your Lift Maintenance Contract

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Lift Maintenance

Whether it is your residential or commercial building, if you are using the elevator to make the environment comfortable, you will require maintenance services for sure. At the present time, elevators are the primary requirement in all the multi-storey buildings around the world. In this kind of situation, you will always need the services of a good contractor for the maintenance of your lift. As you know, most of the contractors provide the lift maintenance contract only for a limited time period for a few years. After that, you will need to renew the lift maintenance contract with the contractor.

Renewing Your Lift Maintenance Contract


If you are going to renew the lift maintenance contract with the company, you can always find the best in class services by considering the following factors:


  • Focus on service quality:

On priority, it is very important to focus on the service quality provided by the company. If they are able to fix all the problems in the lift properly at the right time, you can choose to get the services again with the renewal of the contract.


  • No need to pay extra:

As you know, there are several companies available to provide lift Maintenance Services at your building. In this kind of situation, you can always find a better deal to save your money. Always make sure to get complete information about all the charges and payment plans including additional charges. It will definitely help to save lots of money by comparing the cost of maintenance.


  • Reliability in the services:

Reliability is another important factor that you should keep in mind while going to renew the contract for lift services. If your current contractor is unable to provide the reliable services and you are facing the issues in your lift repeatedly, it may be the right time to change the contractor while going to renew the contract.


  • Availability of support services:

it is true that you may require services for the maintenance and repair anytime for your life. In this situation, you never want to find any kind of trouble to contact the contractor for the quick and emergency repairs. They should be available 24/7 to offer the services so that you can contact them whenever you need help in any emergency situation for your lift.


  • Flexibility in the contract:

As a customer, you never want to stuck on the same lift maintenance plan for a long time because your preferences may change with time. In this kind of situation, it will be better to get the flexibility in the contract and payment plan according to your requirements. Make sure that the contractor is offering flexibility and the services to the customers.


it is always better to compare the plans provided by some of the top reputed companies before the renewal of the contract. It will definitely help to find the better quality services at much affordable price when you are looking for the best in class solution for lift maintenance with the top professionals offering the services.

The High Costs of Lift Maintenance

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Lift Maintenance

Lifts can help people navigate floors without having to climb several flights of stairs. This doesn’t just help save time, but can also help the elderly or disabled individuals move through the property. Like all man-made installations, lifts require regular maintenance to function properly and last for a long time. Unfortunately, lift maintenance can be expensive and many service providers charge more than they should. If you want a reliable and honest service provider, get in touch with us at Innovative Lift Consulting for assistance.


Are You Paying Too Much For Lift Maintenance?


Most people aren’t aware of lift maintenance costs and pay whatever their service provider asks them to pay. Sometimes these costs add up and you’re forced to fork out several thousand dollars each year to keep your elevator functional. The cost of maintenance is often disproportionate to the quality of maintenance, which means you don’t get value for money.


Do Your Costs Escalate Annually At Higher Than CPI Rates?


Most service providers use strange formulas and arbitrary calculations to determine the annual cost increase. This means you end up paying higher than CPI rates every year and this just keeps increasing, with every passing year. Some clients end up paying twice the original contract amount by the end of a ten-year contract, which can be a substantial financial burden.


Are You Receiving The Service You Are Paying For?


The higher cost would be worth it if clients get the services they deserve. Most technicians are “autograph seekers” who don’t do much and just want the client’s signature to show they performed the required maintenance and should be paid for it. You don’t get the service you are paying for as most technicians just perform a cursory visual inspection and minor maintenance, which can have a long-term impact on your elevator’s condition as well.


Are You Getting A Fast Response To Breakdowns And Passenger Entrapments?


The biggest advantage of keeping a lift maintenance company on contract is an emergency response. You don’t need to hunt for good maintenance contractors every time an elevator has a breakdown or a passenger is trapped. Maintenance companies must respond immediately after a client’s call and reach their location in a reasonable amount of time. If the response isn’t quick and efficient, it’s time to consider other alternatives.


Does Your Contract Have Unreasonable Terms?


Standard elevator maintenance contracts have several unfavourable terms that can be a burden on clients. Many come with 90-day or similar termination notice requirements and automatically renew for a long contract tenure once the deadline has passed.


If you face these concerns and are looking for a reliable contractor to help maintain your elevators, we can help. Innovative Lift Consulting offers a unique, performance-based and owner-friendly maintenance contract. Our team will keep your lift functional at a reasonable cost. We also provide timely, efficient services so you don’t have to deal with uncertain response times and poor quality work.


If you want to know more about our services, don’t hesitate to contact us at Innovative Lift Consulting. You can call 0417 784 245 or get in touch through our contact us form and we’ll be happy to help.