Accessibility of Destination-Based Elevator Control Systems for People with Disabilities

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In the past few years, the technology is getting advanced day by day and it is very effective to make the lives much comfortable for the people. Today, the elevators are used very commonly in multi-storey residential and commercial buildings around the world. The elevator manufacturers are using innovative technologies to develop new elevator control systems. With these new control systems, they allow the passengers to reach the destination floor more easily and with more comfort. However, there is always a challenge for the manufacturers to create the right control system for the physically disabled people who use the lift car.


To assure the easy usability and accessibility of the modern lifts by the disabled passengers, destination-based elevator control systems are available at the present time. Nowadays, accessibility features are quite common in the modern Elevator services around the world. These systems are installed with a purpose to make the use of lifts much comfortable and easy for the physically challenged and disabled passengers.


Use of the destination based elevator control system:

Today, several elevator manufacturers are focusing on the advanced control system in the elevator where the lift will use destination-based dispatching technology. Basically, the controls of the elevator will know about the right destination of the person before the person entering into the elevator.When the car of lift will arrive, the passenger will directly enter into it and the lift will take the passenger to the right destination floor without any kind of actions or use of the buttons by the passenger.


To make it possible, to advanced input devices are used that will interface with the passenger. First of the devices will be a mechanical keypad as well as the speaker that will give the voice output. The second device will be a big touchscreen that will be used by the passengers who are on the wheelchair or who have very low vision. In this system, the software is optimised according to the requirement of the passenger as well as the design of the building.


  • When the passenger will press the accessibility function button in the lift on the keypad, there will be audible signals ask for the destination floor.
  • After that, the passenger will enter the destination floor on the keypad and the voice system will announce that the specific car is assigned for the floor and it will arrive in left or right direction.
  • When the passenger will enter into the lift car after the arrival of the car, the door will close after 30 seconds of entering of the passenger into it.
  • After that, the car will take the passenger to the destination floor without any kind of requirement of the controls inside the lift.


It is very beneficial and easy to use functionality where the physically disabled people will be able to use the Elevators without any kind of inconvenience and use of the controls inside the lift car. It is being installed in most of the modern Elevator design at the present time around the world.

The High Costs of Lift Maintenance

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Lift Maintenance

Lifts can help people navigate floors without having to climb several flights of stairs. This doesn’t just help save time, but can also help the elderly or disabled individuals move through the property. Like all man-made installations, lifts require regular maintenance to function properly and last for a long time. Unfortunately, lift maintenance can be expensive and many service providers charge more than they should. If you want a reliable and honest service provider, get in touch with us at Innovative Lift Consulting for assistance.


Are You Paying Too Much For Lift Maintenance?


Most people aren’t aware of lift maintenance costs and pay whatever their service provider asks them to pay. Sometimes these costs add up and you’re forced to fork out several thousand dollars each year to keep your elevator functional. The cost of maintenance is often disproportionate to the quality of maintenance, which means you don’t get value for money.


Do Your Costs Escalate Annually At Higher Than CPI Rates?


Most service providers use strange formulas and arbitrary calculations to determine the annual cost increase. This means you end up paying higher than CPI rates every year and this just keeps increasing, with every passing year. Some clients end up paying twice the original contract amount by the end of a ten-year contract, which can be a substantial financial burden.


Are You Receiving The Service You Are Paying For?


The higher cost would be worth it if clients get the services they deserve. Most technicians are “autograph seekers” who don’t do much and just want the client’s signature to show they performed the required maintenance and should be paid for it. You don’t get the service you are paying for as most technicians just perform a cursory visual inspection and minor maintenance, which can have a long-term impact on your elevator’s condition as well.


Are You Getting A Fast Response To Breakdowns And Passenger Entrapments?


The biggest advantage of keeping a lift maintenance company on contract is an emergency response. You don’t need to hunt for good maintenance contractors every time an elevator has a breakdown or a passenger is trapped. Maintenance companies must respond immediately after a client’s call and reach their location in a reasonable amount of time. If the response isn’t quick and efficient, it’s time to consider other alternatives.


Does Your Contract Have Unreasonable Terms?


Standard elevator maintenance contracts have several unfavourable terms that can be a burden on clients. Many come with 90-day or similar termination notice requirements and automatically renew for a long contract tenure once the deadline has passed.


If you face these concerns and are looking for a reliable contractor to help maintain your elevators, we can help. Innovative Lift Consulting offers a unique, performance-based and owner-friendly maintenance contract. Our team will keep your lift functional at a reasonable cost. We also provide timely, efficient services so you don’t have to deal with uncertain response times and poor quality work.


If you want to know more about our services, don’t hesitate to contact us at Innovative Lift Consulting. You can call 0417 784 245 or get in touch through our contact us form and we’ll be happy to help.

Elevator System Performance Testing

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If you have a business that is responsible for testing the performance levels of elevator systems, you know that this can be a very comprehensive job. You are responsible for these devices which are taking people up and down what could be extremely tall buildings. Companies need to know that they are fully functional. There are many different components to an elevator, some of which are going to be extremely large. Others are going to be smaller components that will also contribute to the overall efficiency of this device. This is an overview of what an elevator system performance testing company will do for buildings throughout your city.


Different Components Of An Elevator


There are quite a few different components to an elevator. For example, this will include the car floor which is where people are going to be standing. There are what are called side portals, which are essentially the walls of the elevator itself. There is the car door track which is what allows it to line up with the floor that it is stopping on. Without it, you would not be able to simply walk out of the elevator as it would be a couple inches, or perhaps even a couple of feet, from being level.


There will be a unique floor covering which is typically made of some type of rubber, although carpeting can be used. There is the apron below which you will never see, and the kick plate which is accessible from inside of the elevator. There are car panels which represent the interior of the elevator, and there should be handrails for those that would need to hold onto them for safety purposes. Finally, there is the upper portal, blower fan, and the car ceiling which completes most of the components that make up elevators that are used today.


What Are Some Common Problems With Elevators That May Occur?


Some of the most common problems include elevators that do not have doors that open up properly. They may stop halfway, or they may not open for several seconds. This could be with the electrical timing, or some other problem that the elevator may have. It is likely an electrical circuit that needs to be repaired, yet it could also be something as simple as the elevator doors do not have enough lubrication to move out the proper time. Other problems may include the brakes. This can be very problematic.


If they are not able to stop, or if they completely fail, this could lead to a very problematic situation. This is especially important when you are installing these, or repairing these, in buildings that are over 10 stories. A free fall from that distance could cause significant problems for those that are inside of the elevator. There should also be access to the top through what is called the emergency trapdoor. This is often used to access the upper portion of the elevator where the cables and pulley systems are located. If that is not functioning properly, this could create a safety hazard for those that would need to be rescued if the elevator is stopped in between floors.


What If You Are Looking For One Of These Elevator System Performance Testing Companies?


If you are looking for one of these businesses, it may take you a few minutes, but you will always be able to find one. They are going to advertise like every other business out there. Most of the companies of the ability to send a representative out to first examine the situation. Once they have made a deduction as to what is wrong, and how they can fix it, you can then set an appointment.


You should do this for a couple different businesses. If you happen to be in a large city, there are probably a couple different companies that are offering these services. They should be able to come out, assess the problem within a few minutes, and provide you with an initial estimate as to how much it will cost. This might take a few days as not all of them will be able to send out a representative the same day that you call. Once you have the quotes back from these companies, you will know which one that you should use.


Reputation Versus Cost Of The Testing Services


The reputation of the company that you are working with is vitally important. This will ensure that you are working with a business that understands what they are doing. This will give you confidence that once they are done, repairs that they are making are going to be long-lasting and properly implemented. If you get a company that is charging less, make sure that you check on their reputation based upon online reviews or speaking with people that have also use their services. There is always a way to save money. They may even have a promotional offer that they are using when they are advertising to generate more clients throughout the month. Either way, your goal is to always use the best company, and secondarily find someone that offers the lowest prices possible.


Does It Take Long To Do These Inspections Or Repairs?


Elevator system performance testing is something that might take only a few minutes, or it could take several hours. It depends on what problems they are able to locate. For example, you could be working with a business that has been doing this for decades, and they will be well aware of the types of elevators that are out there, including yours. They will probably have some experience with restoring elevators that are currently experiencing your exact problem. At the very least, you should have one of these businesses come out on an annual basis to do inspections to make sure that they are functioning properly. You should never have to have them come back the next day as they will complete the repairs in a proper manner.


How To Schedule Your Appointment Today


It should not take very long at all to schedule this appointment. These businesses are often quite large, capable of dispatching someone out the same day that you call. If they are not, you might be willing to wait a day or two, especially if it is not an immediate problem. If it is an emergency, you will then need to contact a business that offers emergency services. Larger ones will have more employees that can be sent out to your location. If that is the case, you will then be able to have them restore your elevator if it is not functioning using the tools and expertise that they will bring.


Is This Likely To Be Repaired The Same Day They Come Out?


If problems are detected, they will try to fix the problem that they can the same day. If they’re not able to, they will tell you why. Sometimes it is a part or component that needs to be ordered that they do not currently have in stock. It might not be available anywhere in the city. If that is the case, they will give you a general idea as to how soon it will be sent to them. They can then schedule a time to come out to do the repairs. If you are in a building which has more than one elevator, this might not be a problem. However, if you only have one elevator, then you should try to find a company that has these components so they can do the repairs as soon as possible.


Locating elevator system performance testing companies doesn’t have to be difficult. If you are one of these companies, you should know how to advertise and find new clients. These are one of the more important businesses in large cities, especially those that have multiple skyscrapers that have elevators inside. Whether you are doing this for a large commercial building, casino, or any other building that has one or more elevators, just make sure that the company that you choose to work with is highly reputable and charges reasonable prices.