Top 7 Lift Moderization Ideas

All over the world, many buildings have devices installed so that people can easily move from one floor of the building to the other and they can include elevators and escalators. This kind of transportation from one part of a building to another or from one floor to the other is common in all major cities in the world.

These lifting devices have been installed during different times and decades throughout the years. This implies that the quality and condition of the technology may deteriorate and several upgrades might be required. The greatest challenge many people face is determining the actual improvements and upgrades that must be made to a lift so that they are cost effective and at the same time boost the efficiency and reliability of a lift.

The time to perform the upgrades is also a great challenge experienced when modernizing lifts because most of them operate 24/7. The only way to keep lifts functional and safe is to have good ways to effectively upgrade them to make certain that they are in good working condition despite their heavy use. Read through this piece for some insight on the 7 lift moderization ideas meant to boost the safety and overall functionality of a lift. And before we look at the 7 lift moderization ideas, let’s look at the importance of lift modernization.

Why Should Lifts Undergo Modernization?

Lifts are important modes of transportation inside buildings. We would obviously not want to be driving around in outdated cars because we are well aware of how hazardous and inconvenient it can be, a case similar to lifts used in buildings. One reason for lift modernization is to upgrade the lift technology to the latest technology the market has to offer. Most of the lifts in buildings were probably installed in the 60s or 70s and the technology is not outdated hence modernization is crucial.

Lift modernization is also necessary because it helps improve the functionality and safety of a lift. An outdated lift will probably have some faulty components which could compromise its safety. Moreover, an old lift could be slow and consuming a lot of power hence an upgrade would help improve its functionality and efficiency.

7 Lift Moderization Ideas

1. Install a CCTV system and intercom

When trapped inside a lift, passengers can simply press the alarm bell for aid. However, experience shows that that isn’t the best option to consider. Installing an intercom system ensures that trapped passengers can communicate with the management or staff members who can act swiftly to get the people in the lift out of danger.

Installing a CCTV system with an emergency alarm and camera would also be another reasonable upgrade to a lift. This monitoring system can be connected to the security office and it can be easy to monitor all video captured in the lift. Lifts that were installed before the late 90s will obviously not have an intercom and CCTV system so it would be an excellent modernization move.

2. Installing an Unintended Lift Movement Protection Device

Unintended movement of the lift car when the doors are still open and passengers are still exiting or entering the lift could be dangerous and could result in an accident. To avoid this unintended movement, a lift owner should perform a braking system upgrade with a built-in self-monitoring and redundancy features, like a rope gripper.

This gadget will protect the lift from unintended movement away from its normal landing position hence increasing passenger safety. Lifts that were installed before 2005 will probably not have this technological advancement and so lift owners should consider it in their modernization plans.

3. Installing a Double Brake System

Old lifts that were installed in the 19th century will probably have a single braking system and hence the failure of parts could cause the lift to stop abruptly and ineffectively. The installation of a redundant braking system enhances the safety of the car lift because the main brake parts are two just in case one part fails the other set will ensure the lift continues to operate smoothly. Most modern double braking systems will have two independent systems that are electrically monitored.

4. Installing a Lift Car Door Safety Edge and Mechanical Lock

The importance of installing a lift car mechanical lock in outdated lift doors is to prevent a passenger inside the lift from forcibly opening the lift doors which could be dangerous to the passengers in the lift. The door safety edge is also important because it helps automatically trigger the re-opening of the lift door should passengers get struck by the door when they are exiting.

5. Installing an Ascending Lift Over speed Protection Gadget

Installing an ascending lift over-speed protection system will protect an ascending lift from accidentally over speeding. This can help mitigate the risk of an ascending lift from accidentally ramming into the top support frame of the lift well hence protecting the passengers from injuries that could result from an accident. The protection system will detect and stop any over speed movement of the ascending lift.

6. The Addition of Automatic Rescue Devices

In the event of a power failure, the chances are that passengers will be trapped in the lift car. When an automatic rescue device is installed, it can help maintain the lift in momentary operation for safe exiting of the passengers and prevent them from getting trapped. When the normal power supply fails, the automatic rescue device will detect the voltage dip and use the backup battery power to move the lift to the closest landing floor to release the passengers. The lift then remains out of service until there is normal supply.

7. Adding an Obstruction Switch To Protect The Lift Suspension Ropes

Prolonged use of a lift can result in wear and tear of the suspension ropes and consequently result in rope breakages. Adding an obstruction switch helps prevent excessive wear and tear of the sheaves and suspension ropes during breakdown which could occur when the movement of the lift or its counterweight is obstructed while the motor is operating.

The above 7 lift moderization ideas will obviously go a long way in ensuring the comfort and safety of your lifts. Modernizing and upgrading lifts is not only important for the business but also the people using the lifts.

7 Lift Modernisation Ideas

Throughout the world, many buildings use  devices made to lift people from one floor to the next and these can include escalators and elevators and other forms of lifts. This type of transportation from one section of a building to another and from one floor to another is something that is found in all major cities throughout the world. New York City, Los Angeles, London, Hong Kong, Tokyo, Paris, Berlin, and thousands of other cities scattered across the planet all depend on these type of devices in order to help people to conveniently and to safely go from one section of a building to another and from one floor to another.

All of the different types of devices have been installed at different times and decades throughout the years. This means that the condition and quality and the advancement of the technology varies widely. The need for these types of devices is only going to increase in the future. Not only are more and more buildings going to be increasingly higher but also most cities are seeing elderly that are living longer and all of these factors continue to increase the need for the most technologically advanced and safest lift devices that can be provided.

The big challenge that many cities have is determining exactly what upgrades and improvements should be made and how to make those things cost effective and determine which one should be implemented and in what situation. Because so many of these systems and devices run almost night and day, they have what would be considered under any definition, to be heavy use. Not only is it running almost all of the time but the amount of people that are on these devices or inside of these devices are significant and that puts a lot of wear and tear on the lifts.

The only way to keep these devices safe and functional is to have ways to effectively update them and to make sure that they are working safely and that there are effective methods for maintaining them despite their heavy use. Here, we take a look at 7 lift modernisation ideas that are meant to improve the overall functionality and safety of these devices.

Why Should Lift Devices Be Modernised?

These devices can be considered to be important modes of transportation inside of buildings. We certainly wouldn’t want to be driving around and antiquated and outdated automobiles and other modes of transportation on the road because we understand how dangerous and inconvenient that can be. The same is true with these types of devices inside of buildings. People cannot typically walk up dozens or even hundreds of floors. Often when buildings are several city blocks, it’s impractical for people to have to walk that distance.

For that reason, people depend on lift devices as a mode of transportation inside of buildings. Since many of these buildings make up the large majority of a city’s landscape, then these types of devices are every bit as important to daily life, business, and other activities that are done on a daily basis in cities throughout the world. The problem is that many of these devices were installed decades ago and have had only the most basic of ongoing maintenance.

Whenever the existing lifts were installed in their respected buildings,  they were installed using the latest technology at that particular time. But many of these buildings were built in the 1960s or 1970s or 1980s and the technology that is available today is substantially more advanced than it was at that time. The ability to have lifts that are safer and that function better and that are more convenient are all available and when and where possible it is necessary to upgrade the lifts in those older buildings.

It should be noted that existing lifts, when maintained properly, can certainly be considered safe. Many of them will not be state-of-the-art but if maintained periodically they can be considered generally safe. The biggest thing with improving those devices to a more modern level of technology will be that it makes them more safe, more comfortable and more reliable.

Modernization Guidelines

Some countries are establishing guidelines for the modernization of these devices. The key point for these guidelines is to help responsible people improve and enhance their lift devices so that they are reliable, safe, comfortable, and effective. In most countries, these guidelines are just that, and each building owner or building maintenance manager is able to make their own decisions as to what improvements that they make as long as they follow standard protocols for keeping the lifts safe.

If a company or maintenance management team is looking to modernize their lift devices it is recommended that they get in contact with contractors who specialize in these types of improvements to help determine what is reasonable and feasible in modernizing your particular buildings lift devices.

Recommended Duties For ‘Responsible People’ Who Manage Lift Maintenance

It is recommended that anyone who is in charge of lift maintenance work directly with a lift contractor to determine a reasonable and periodic maintenance schedule for all lifts, escalators, and elevators. Whenever modernization or alterations of the lifts need to be carried out the one in charge of managing the maintenance should hire a registered lift contractor to perform the work needed and an engineer that is registered for lift devices to test the devices thoroughly after all work has been completed.

The person or organization in charge of managing the maintenance of lift devices in a building or for a company will make the necessary arrangements to perform routine, regular maintenance and repairs as well as arranging for any modernization or upgrades needed. The maintenance manager will be responsible for contacting those who are registered or licensed for that type of work. It is also necessary to get a registered contractor to perform examinations and inspections of all lift equipment to make sure that it is functional, safe and compliant.

Anytime that wear and tear is found on the devices or any of its working parts then it will be necessary to repair or replace those parts and in many cases, it might be necessary or at least recommend it to modernize that equipment. As mentioned above, it is recommended that when any of this type of work is done that a registered engineer should be contracted to come in and test the lift and make sure that everything is working as it should be and that the lift is safe and compliant.

Special Tips

The responsible person for the management of a building’s lift devices will need to consider any technical feasibility considerations as well as available space and the cost of modernizing these devices. These considerations will need to be made each time that there is a consideration for modernizing or replacing old equipment.

1. Make sure that all routine maintenance is performed by a registered lift contractor.

2. Have a routine method for finding and recommending the need for improvements on existing lifts and how to carry out regular maintenance.

3. Whenever a problem is found then it will be the responsible person’s job to determine what modernization is applicable to improve the device’s safety, comfort, and reliability.

What Are The Safety Equipment Devices In Lifts?

Overspeed Governor

It’s important that lift devices never exceed a certain amount of speed. To ensure this an over speed governor is put in place which regulates the speed of the device and prevents it from surpassing a certain safe speed. If it is detected that the device is moving too quick the over speed governor will bring the device to a stop.

Door Locking Device

You must have an outer door and an inner door along with mechanical locking devices which lock automatically to prevent any hazards.

Safety Gear

If it is detected that the normal stopping and going of an elevator is not functioning properly or if the device exceeds a certain speed, then this feature will be used as an emergency brake to bring the device to a stop.


This device is used whenever there is a safety issue and it helps to ensure that when the device comes to a stop that the impact of the device is such that injuries are minimized.

7 Lift Modernisation Ideas

1. Install A Protection Device To Prevent Unintended Car Movement

If the lift moves while the doors are open then it causes a number of potential hazards that need to be avoided. It may be passengers that are exiting or entering the lift or it could be carts or other things that have not fully exited or entered that can be damaged. Owners, or the person in charge of managing this, may need to consider upgrading self-monitoring devices or the braking system as one of the most important upgrades among the 7 lift modernisation ideas.

2. Replace Single Break Devices With A Double Brake System

It is common for older devices to have a single break device which means it is possible that could fail in an emergency situation. Installing the newer double brake system is considerably safer. If one fails the other will almost certainly work.

3. Put In A CCTV System And An Intercom

If a person becomes trapped inside of a lift device it’s a very scary experience. But if they can call to someone and they know that that person will then make sure that things are being done to get them out, it is considerably safer and more relaxing for them. If an alarm system goes off then they know that there’s someone that has been alerted and that they will not just be left in there without anyone knowing. Among the 7 lift modernisation ideas, this is one that passengers will greatly appreciate.

4. Install A Protection Device To Prevent An Ascending Car From Exceeding A Safe Speed

If an ascending car reaches a speed that is too great there is the risk it will hit the top of the well which could injure passengers. This type of protection will detect the rate of speed and automatically bring the device to a stop.

5. Put In Automatic Rescue Devices

If there is a power outage it can cause passengers to be stuck inside of the device. If an automatic rescue device has been installed, however, then there will be a few minutes of operation that continues and allows passengers to exit the lift.

6. Safety Edge Door Lock Installation

The installation of a safety edge door lock prevents a passenger from forcibly opening the door during movement. If a passenger gets stuck in the door it will automatically cause the door to open.

7. Obstruction Switch

Suspension ropes become worn over time and can cause them to break. An obstruction switch helps reduce the wear and tear on the ropes.

Following these ideas will go a long ways in ensuring the safety and comfort of these devices. Upgrading and modernizing is good for business and for the people using the devices.

Lift Modernisation Experts

If you own a building, and you have one or more lifts, you may want to consider upgrading them at some point. Although they are designed to last for many years, if not decades, some of them may need to be upgraded or simply replaced. These are very common in extremely tall buildings, allowing people to go from one floor to the next.


They are very expensive to install, but if you need to modernize your lifts, you will want to speak with a lift modernisation experts team that can help you determine what it is that needs to be done. Lead us start with explaining how a lift works, and why you may need to modernize the ones that you have right now.

What Does A Lift Do?

A lift is nothing more than a mechanism by which people can travel from one floor to another. Whether you have a couple stories, or if you have a skyscraper that you own, you will need to provide this for potential customers. It is important to upgrade if you believe there are any problems, especially those that could lead to safety issues.


They are very simple to operate. You are able to get into them, and once the doors close, you can select the floor that you would like to go to. It is possible that there could be both mechanical and electrical issues with your lifts, all of which can be addressed by speaking with lift modernisation experts.

What Typically Needs To Be Done?

In most cases, the lift will need to have several different components changed out. This could be the doors, buttons inside, or even the system by which it is able to go up and down. If you have had this building for decades, it is likely in need of at least an inspection. You want to make sure that everyone is going to be completely safe when they are using your lift daily.

Where Do You Find These Lift Modernisation Experts?

By doing a quick search on the web for these experts, you will find several companies that will provide you with this type of help. These are professionals that have been doing this type of work for quite a while, and they will know exactly what to look for. Although you could be looking at making cosmetic changes, they could be looking at certain safety issues. They will recommend certain changes that should be made, and if they are absolutely necessary, you should have these experts help you find contractors that work with lifts on a daily basis.

Why Would A Lift Need To Be Modernized?

Part of the reason for modernizing a lift might have to do with the cosmetic advantages. For example, if you are trying to sell your building, you will want to make it look as modern as possible. If you think about the way that people buy homes, they tend to gravitate toward not only a great deal, but homes that have recently had significant improvements.

When you upgrade your lift, the elevators are typically very close to the entrance so this can help improve your chances of making a sale. If you are not selling your building, you want to make sure it looks as modern as possible which can help with first impressions with these potential buyers. Finally, it is possible that some of the components of your lifts are outdated. They will need to be upgraded to make it safe for everyone. The combination of these factors, and for a multitude of other reasons, it’s time to start looking for lift modernisation experts near you.

What Type Of Services Do They Typically Provide?

The services that they are going to offer will include consultancy and design services. They will take a survey of every lift that you have, and provide you with some form of consultation or feedback on what they discover. They will look at important components of your lift which will include drive units, door operators, and the controllers that can help the lift get from one level to the next. They will also recommend options which may include interior refurbishments so that it not only looks good from the outside, but the inside when you are going from floor to floor. They can upgrade all of the components that they believe are questionable, and this can enhance the high level of safety that your company probably has already.

Expert Refurbishment Options

One type of modernisation that you can implement with your lifts will include removing any old systems, or even the doors to the lift, in order to improve its appearance. When you get inside of an elevator, it is better to have one that is not only fully compliant with legislation but looks good as well. You will have to find several different experts that can offer you this type of help. It’s never a good idea to simply choose the first one that you find. After evaluating each one, you can hire the company that seems to be the most reliable, something that you will discover once they have completed the project.

How Do You Save Money When Working With These Experts?

Saving money is also relatively easy to do. Many of these experts will advertise their services, giving you a general idea of how much it will cost. They will also have a website showcasing the different services that they offer. It is so important to save as much money as possible on these refurbishments, and this can only happen by getting multiple estimates. After you have gathered this information, you can make a decision as to which expert to use to improve every lift that you own.

How Much Will It Cost For These Refurbishments?

The cost is going to vary depending upon the repairs that need to be done, and also the company that you will be using for this service. For example, if they are replacing the doors, this can cost thousands of dollars, but it could improve the sale price of the building you are trying to sell. In addition to that, they can replace hardware related to the lift so that it will last for many more decades. If it is both of these reasons, or just one of them, you will be able to save money by getting multiple estimates to see how much it will cost. You can reference these estimates as you are trying to get them to restore every lift that you have. It may take several weeks, but once they are done, you will definitely leave the new owners with quite a positive impression.

Why You Should Do This For Safety Concerns

Part of the reason for having any of these repairs or restoration projects done is that it makes it very easy to improve the value of the building. However, the top priority that you should have is how safe your lift is for the people that will be using this every day. In larger buildings, there are going to be several lifts that need to be examined. Based upon the assessment of the lift modernisation experts, you can schedule them to come back at a later time where they can complete this project.

Part of the reason that you could have problems with safety is that cable moving the lift up and down could become faulty. There are numerous reasons why it is important to work with these businesses that are able to do the repairs for a reasonable price. Just make sure that you are working with a company that does have a stellar reputation based upon public feedback. You may even have a word-of-mouth testimonials from someone that has used one of these companies work and they have greatly benefited from their expertise.

Advanced Lift Improvements That Should Be Done

Some of the improvements that should be added to your lift will include the use of solar energy as a way of powering each lift that you own. You should be able to find several companies that are going to provide the service. Once you have estimates back, you can quickly determine which company will offer you the best deal. Some of the businesses that are the least expensive may not be the ones you should work with. You need to look at examples of work they have done in the past. Just because they are the least expensive, this does not mean that you should work with them. It’s a simple matter of resolving problems. If you do need them for improving your lift, they will be more than willing to come out to do inspection. Based upon their findings, you will know exactly what needs to be done if you have a lift that is being used on an hourly basis.

The Three Main Reasons That People Use These Experts

The first reason that people will hire these experts is just to get an understanding of what might be happening. They may have had several customers complain about noises that they are hearing, something that can be very unnerving if they are not used to dealing with kids. The second reason is to get estimates on the different repairs that must be done. These estimates will tell them exactly how much it will cost projects. Finally, you want to consider doing this to improve the buildings property value. As mentioned before, first impressions are everything, and you should keep this in mind as you are looking for someone that can complete this type of project for you.

Will It Take Long To Set Your Appointment?

It will likely take only a few days to get in, depending upon the time of the year. For example, if you are contacting these businesses during the summer, it is likely they are booked every day, at least for the next couple of weeks. You may have to wait several weeks just to have the inspection done, and it may take them a couple of days to respond to your message if you were not able to talk to a human being. If you can speak to a representative of the company, and they do have an opening coming up, they can pencil you in right away.

This will ensure that you will have the appointment that you need to assess the potential problems that you are facing. By comparing the different prices that they are going to charge for inspections and repairs, this will make it very easy to select the right business. It’s only going to take them about an hour to evaluate what needs to be done, helping you to resolve all of these issues before they actually lead to an accident. While you are talking on the phone to a representative of these companies, the speed at which they can conclude the conversation can also prove to be helpful. You shouldn’t have any problems at all finding one of these lift experts to help you with cosmetic and physical changes.

It is so important to always understand the condition of your lift. This is very important in larger buildings. By hiring one of these experts, it will help you understand what is currently wrong, what needs to be fixed, and how they will be able to help you get this done. There are quite a few businesses that offer this type of service and that is why you need to get estimates. This can help you decide which company to work with. Once they are done, not only will your lift to look so much better, it will be safety compliant with all of the rules and regulations associated with operating lifts that are in buildings.