Trapped in a Lift Without Communication


Elevators are man-made devices; so no matter how sophisticated they are, they can stall or develop problems. While most people understand stalled elevators are only temporary, passengers tend to panic instinctively and fear being trapped in a small space for extended periods of time. At Innovative Lift Consulting, we can help you set up a responsive, efficient communication system in elevators so passengers can easily reach someone during emergencies.


What Happens To Your Lift Emergency Phone Once The NBN Is Connected?


NBN stands for National Broadband Network. It is a landline phone and internet with modern communication protocols and better performance. This system will affect everything from fire alarm panels to lift emergency phones. This system relies on electrical power so if there’s a power outage, the emergency phones can’t be relied upon to deliver service. The line might become disconnected without power and passengers will have to rely on alternative means of communication.Once the NBN is connected, your emergency communication services need to be registered in order for the system to work seamlessly.


Will Your Existing Phone Still Work?


NBN temporarily defers disconnection so your existing lines won’t be disconnected quickly. However, existing phones rely on power from the copper lines to operateand these lines will be depowered eventually. Your existing system will also stop working after some time, which is why it’s important to make alternative arrangements quickly. Register with NBN Fire and Lift to make sure you have ample support during the transition period.


Can You Cancel Your Current Fixed Line Connection?


If you have an alternative means of communication already installed, you can cancel your fixed line connection. It isn’ta good idea to disable the current connection without installing an alternative option to help lift passengers. Our team can help with this process and ensure your lift always has an open line of communication.

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What Is The Best Reliable Alternative, And How Can You Be Sure You Do Not Pay Too Much?


There are many reliable alternatives to regular fixed lines or NBN based lines but a mobile phone attached to the elevator is the best option. These devices don’t require electricity or constant connection from copper lines. Mobile networks are advancedenough to work efficiently in elevators. A reliable contractor can provide an effective but affordable solution to ensure your lift has emergency communication connectivity. Hiring experienced professionals with a good service track record is the best way to avoid scams or excessive spending.


Innovative recommends a dual sim mobile phone that is reliable, secureand ensures passengers don’t have to deal with uncertainties involving communications while being trapped in an elevator. That can help people who are panicking, claustrophobic, or have no other way of asking for assistance. We can help with the transition process and can customize your conversion at an affordable cost to ensure you have a flexible communication solution tailored to your requirements.


If you want to know more about our services, don’t hesitate to contact us at Innovative Lift Consulting. You can call 0417 784 245 or get in touch through our contact us form and we’ll be happy to help.

The Best Elevator Maintenance Solutions

Do you have an elevator in your building, or even in your home, that has not had regular maintenance for quite some time? You may have noticed that it is not moving as quickly as it once did, or perhaps it is not lining up with the floor when it comes to a stop.


There are many problems that can occur with an elevator, things that can be taken care of very easily if you are working with the right company. This type of maintenance is not something that the average person can do because they are not properly trained, nor will they have the tools or experience in order to do the maintenance the right way. Here are a couple of the best elevator maintenance solutions that will be provided by these professional companies, one of which is likely in your area.


Common Elevator Problems


One of the top problems that can happen with an elevator is having worn out sheaves. This is the pulley mechanism that is used for raising and lowering the elevator in the shaft. If it starts to get rough, this can put additional wear and tear on the cables that you are using, making the right bumpy, and potentially dangerous. You will need to work with a company that can provide the best elevator maintenance solutions to repair the problem quickly before it gets out of control.


Other problems will include power failure issues which can be resolved by first identifying where the problem is. For example, they may use infrared thermography to identify trouble spots and then fix them. Contamination is another issue which is typically the result of metal particles that get mixed with the oil which is providing the lubrication for the cables.


You may have ball bearings that are becoming worn, creating a very noisy problem, preventing the elevator from moving or even coming to a stop in an appropriate manner. Finally, you can have a misaligned motor drive which can cause problems within the elevator shaft. Lasers are used by these professionals to detect where the problem is, and they will quickly be able to fix it.


How Do You Find These Companies To Help You With These Problems?


It’s easy to find these businesses that can do elevator repairs. There will be some that are very well known for providing the best elevator maintenance solutions. Some of them will have reviews online about the services that they offer. These will be provided by previous and existing customers. These businesses will be able to help with any problems in elevators, whether they are installed in a household, or if this is part of a large apartment complex.


They can even work in tall skyscrapers, ensuring that these high-tech elevators are all functioning properly. Once you have looked at the reviews, you will then want to go to their website to see what type of packages they offer. You can also check on the prices online, or simply call the company to get a quote. All of this information will be combined together to help you understand which one will provide you with the best services. Ideally, one of these businesses will also offer you the best deals when providing elevator maintenance solutions.


How Long Will It Take Them To Come Out To Your Location?


Unlike many other maintenance companies that provide services such as plumbing, or even HVAC repairs, those that repair elevators are not as abundantly available. There will likely only be a few companies that offer these services, and as a result of that, they are going to be in high demand.


It may take you several days before they will be able to get out to your location. When they send someone, they are likely going to evaluate the situation first. If they need to order any parts, motors, or special tools that can help them do the repairs, this can take a few extra days. Keep that in mind as you are looking for these companies that can help you with your elevator problems. It’s best to call them as soon as possible so that you can get on their schedule in order to resolve these issues.


Is There A Way To Save Money When Working With These Businesses?


Even though the number of elevator repair businesses in your city will be limited, you can still save money by evaluating the overall cost. For example, when using the most experience company, they might identify the actual problem initially, allowing it to be fixed without having to come back.


The repairs that they do you may actually prevent additional problems from occurring. This will save you money in the long run. At the very least, you may find that one of them is offering special deals on their services, and you can take advantage of the savings that they are currently offering.


Most of these businesses will be able to schedule you in to have the repairs done. You must evaluate each one based upon longevity in the community, testimonials people have given them, and the prices that they charge. Those that have been providing these services for the longest time, or the largest companies that are offering their services, are likely the ones that will give you the best deals and the most reliable results. You can begin looking for businesses that provide elevator maintenance services  today, and in the near future, the problems with your elevator are going to be resolved.

Lift Maintenance Audits

Many building managers and business owners or leaders across the United Kingdom have many things to worry about on any given day. From individual employees needing supervision in their personal roles to how a building or business might get impacted by the larger picture of Brexit, economic entrepreneurs have a lot to handle any given day, even if just in their minds.

Some questions that might be among the many in their minds could include things like whether or not their lift company is doing the right lift maintenance? Even if so, are they doing it with sufficient diligence? Do a building’s lifts have unusually high rates of breaking down?

Even if lifts are working, are they doing so properly? Does the performance involve noisy operation? Is the levelling accurate? Any business leader worried about such things needs to find answers to these questions, and anyone not worried about such things likely has some neglected issues to look into.

Lift maintenance audits are what provide answers to these questions, informing you about the current quality, or lack thereof, of your lift maintenance. This is good to keep up with because lifts are complex pieces of equipment and machinery. Many have sophisticated technology involving electro-mechanical parts. Maintenance should be high-calibre and regularly conducted so that lifts not only continue to perform their functions, but do so safely and reliably.

Lift maintenance audits might be something you avoid because you don’t want the expense, but they can actually save you money over time. Your lifts are not cheap, and any work done on them for repairs, upgrades, or modernisation add up too. However, poor maintenance, or none at all, can cut the life cycle of various components back. That means your repair bills show up more frequently, and they’ll likely grow in size as well, given that a serious upgrade or total modernisation becomes a high priority.

It’s often the smaller matters that add up. You might have accumulations of grease and dust on the door lock electrical contacts, or the door-operating mechanisms might be poorly adjusted. Even pulleys without sufficient lubrication can cause a chain reaction of failures and issues. Lack of any attention to such issues in your lift maintenance eventually decreases the performance, followed by a lack of reliability. Compromised safety is inevitable after all this.

So, you now understand the importance of lift maintenance audits. They keep things running, keep things safe, and save you money over time. Yet, what exactly gets covered when you have someone come in and do a life maintenance audit? There are five primary areas of investigation for lift maintenance auditors:

1) They check out things like overall cleanliness, repair and replacement levels, lubrication, adjustment, and general wear and tear.
2) The auditors will look into the operation of the lift or lifts. They measure light levels, how smoothly the lift rides and doors operate, the accuracy of the floor levelling, and the functionality of indicators, push buttons, and any special features of the lift.
3) Record keeping is analysed to see if motor room log cards are properly up to date. The presence of needed wiring diagrams and/or maintenance manuals on-site is confirmed and documented.
4) Lift auditors will have conversations with building operators about the service levels. Do any related lift companies respond promptly to issues brought to their attention? When they do get on-site, do they respond to the issues effectively?
5) Each of the areas auditors look at are scored into an overall service report about your lift or lifts. Scores can also be broken down into dozens of subcategories so you know where your strengths and weaknesses are.

Good lift maintenance audits result in a comprehensive report, but it should also be a report you can actually use. It shouldn’t just point out problems, as it should also make specific recommendations on actionable steps you can take to correct things. It should also be free of jargon and concise enough that you can use it to clearly communicate with others, whether they are your superiors or your subordinates. A robust report will include detailed asset information that was documented and recorded. You can also expect a comprehensive score of the calibre of the current maintenance along with detailed scores in many subcategories.

The report should also contain a full list of all noted maintenance deficiencies. This is something you should be able to pass on to your specific service providers so they can address it in full. Each deficiency should be noted as something that’s inside or outside of your maintenance contract parameters and boundaries. If systemic problems are present, they should be highlighted in the report, but also accompanied with recommended remedies, answers, or solutions. If need be, there should be photographic and even video evidence that backs up the findings of the report.

Now that you know why you need a lift maintenance audit and what benefits it provides you, the final step is finding life maintenance auditors to come out and take a look at your building. Look for an establishment that has consultants with many years of experience in the life industry, as many former engineers, installers, and repair or maintenance technicians go into auditing in their career growth. These experts know exactly what they should check for and can give you objective feedback about how your lift maintenance is clearly going.

The only real thing to keep in mind here is to use a third-party that has no association with your business or your lift service provider, so there are no complications, conflicts of interest, or other entanglements. Other than that, calling around for fee proposal is pretty simple. Most lift auditors just need to know the location of your lifts, their capacity in kg or persons, and how many floors they serve. You can usually expect an instant fee proposal, but if you have to wait, it shouldn’t be more than the end of the business day.

Lift maintenance audits typically happen quickly, with a survey conducted and a report finalised within one day. Prices vary based on the specific market within the United Kingdom, your lifts, and the audit firm, but they’re generally a few hundred pounds. The investment, though, can save you thousands of pounds or more with the results and recommendations you get.

Elevator Maintenance Benefits

The elevator is one of those things that is often ignored and put to the side by people.


You won’t think about it until the elevator breaks down. For those who own a building, you will know it is important to keep things in check, or it might get to the point where you have a non-functioning elevator on your hands. This is never desired and is the last thing you are going to need as the property owner.


To ensure you are focusing on what needs to be done, the best solution is to focus on key elevator maintenance benefits as soon as possible. Here are the advantages that stand out.


1) Keeps Elevator Running


Maintenance is all about ensuring the elevator isn’t shutting down on you.


No one wants to have to take the stairs, and that is why the elevator needs to be maintained. The more you start to assume things will be okay, the worse it is going to get over time. You have to keep the elevator running as that is going to ensure you are safe and everyone in the building can use the elevator without fear.


This is a real difference maker, and maintenance is always the way to go for this reason alone.


2) Provides Look Into Health of Elevator


With elevator maintenance benefits, you are going to point out the health of your elevator and how things are going.


Most building owners won’t know how their elevator is in terms of its parts. This is endangering those who are going to be using the elevator and is a bad idea. This is why you want to set the maintenance schedule as soon as possible to bring things back into line.


The sooner you do this; the better your results are going to be. This is the power of the elevator and what it can do for your building’s health.


3) Increases Value of Investment


This is an investment, and the building is a property you are earning money from.


If you are not maintaining the elevator, you are starting to eat into your profit margin due to the unnecessary expenses. This is why you want to eliminate the expense as soon as possible. Maintain what is already in place and make sure you are aware of what is going on in advance.


If there are underlying issues, you can remove parts and fix them one by one rather than having to repair an entire elevator in one shot.


4) Prevents Decay


Just like any other mechanical machine, you are going to be looking at declining parts over time.


This is natural and something you have to be prepped for as the building owner. If you think the elevator is going to run as it did on day one, you are in for a shocking surprise. Please take maintenance seriously as that is the only way you are going to feel secure about the investment.


If decay is a real concern, you are not going to feel safe about what you are doing and how things are progressing. Decay is the worst and is going to do a lot of damage over time.


5) Helps Meet Safety Standards


Are all safety standards being met in the building and its elevator?


Building codes are developed for this reason, and state law ensures you are paying attention to them. An inspector will look at the building from time to time for this reason, and the only way you can stay safe is with the help of an attentive eye. You are going to need to follow these codes and pay attention to them at all times.


The more you do this, the better you are going to get as a building owner. The elevator is the main talking point and ignoring it is not a good idea.


6) Sets Maintenance Schedule


What is your maintenance schedule like? This is a benefit you are going to see because most building owners don’t have a schedule. They go about things in a juvenile manner where repairs are done as things break down. You don’t want to do this as that is when a boatload of issues will arrive at the same time.


This is when you are going to feel pressured and put into a bad spot with no way out.


To make sure you are not facing such an ordeal, please take the time to set the maintenance schedule as soon as possible.


7) Helps Modernize Elevator


Your elevator needs to be modernized, or things won’t work out in your favor.


This is a concern for people as they look to find a real solution and don’t know what to do. Those who don’t modernize details will end up with a bad elevator that continues to get worse with time. Maintenance is a nice way of making adjustments on the fly and keeping the elevator in top shape.


Only those who are reckless are the ones who are going to avoid maintenance and maintain the elevator “as is” for as long as they can.


8) Simplifies Process


The process tends to get complicated the more you delay it.


If you start to maintain the elevator, you are not going to face such a problem and will be able to keep things in shape for as long as you want. The worse it gets, the more you are going to realize how important it was to maintain what you were doing and how you were doing it.


Simplification of the process is one of the most important things you are going to end up seeing with the maintenance of your elevator. You will streamline each detail, and it will make life simpler.


9) Maximizes Efficiency of Elevator


How well is your elevator running at this point?


Is it running as well as it needs to or are you hoping it will get better on its own? This is where you have to draw the line in the sand. You need to build efficiency and make sure things are being done resolutely. The more you delay, the more you are going to hate the results.


Your elevator will start to slow down, make noises, and simply not run the way it needs to for everyone to be happy. This is why you want to maintain what is in place already.


10) Saves You From Related Damage


Elevators aren’t running in their own world where everything revolves around the elevator.


Instead, you have related parts that keep everything in place. If the elevator isn’t being maintained, how is the rest of the elevator going to stay in shape? It won’t, and you are going to despise the results due to this reason. The maintenance is pertinent because it helps save you from related damage over time.


You have to focus on this as you build a proper solution that is going to have meaning.


11) Helps Build Trust With Tenants


Maintenance provides a range of benefits, and one of them comes in the form of building trust with tenants.


Yes, building owners have to build these relationships, so goodwill spreads and people want to use the elevators. If they don’t, you are going to see everyone run away and that is when you start to lose money. While this isn’t the first thing you are going to notice, it is an important one nonetheless.


Take the time to appreciate the value of maintenance because it is going to help with your tenants and how they feel about everything.


12) Engages Untested Parts of Elevator


The next benefit is being able to test some of the untested parts that get ignored when it comes to your elevator.


Yes, the elevator is going to do its job on a daily basis but what about those parts that are hidden inside? Are you taking a look at them? Are you engaging them to see if they are working as well as they need to? Most building owners aren’t, and that is a major concern.


Take the time to maintain the elevator and put these parts to the test. This is how you are going to see if things work out as you want them to.


13) Helps Change Mindset For Building Owners


How is your mindset as a building owner? Are you always taking a look at the building and what needs to be done or do you ignore it?


This is a concern for people as they don’t focus on the details as much as they need to. You have to think about your mindset as much as possible. If you are not looking into the elevator, you are most likely not going to be looking at anything else either.


This is why tenants get concerned, and building owners need to remain aware throughout the process.


14) Helps Set Budget For Repairs


Imagine wanting to spend money on various parts of the building and not knowing how much you have in the bank.


With the elevator being maintained, you are also setting things into motion for a prosperous future. Many building owners are reckless when it comes to the money being spent and how they go about working on these details. To ensure you are not the same, it is smarter to look into having a good budget for repair work.


It will simplify everything and help keep you organized. Building owners who refuse to do this are also giving themselves a greater opportunity to do more damage, and that is the last thing anyone needs.


These are the primary elevator maintenance benefits to focus on as the building owner. You are going to notice various components of the building start to falter over time, and that is normal. These are regular parts that have been put together, and it will start to show its age. However, those building owners who are on top of maintenance work and do put in the time to repair everything will be okay. These elevator maintenance benefits are going to start to reveal themselves over time, and that is when you will have a smile on your face.


Set the maintenance schedule as soon as possible to kick things off and feel secure about everything that is going on. It is the only way to progress and feel safe about how things are moving forward. Your elevator should not be ignored, and the best way to ensure that happens is by setting your maintenance schedule.